“I really appreciate your quick response. It is nice to know that there are wonderful organizations such as yours when you need them.”



Thank you so much for getting us to Omaha.  I truly believe this operation will make a difference in Kayte's future. Thank you for your kindness and prayers...

Thank you Jim and Kay and everyone else that helped me!


Thanks you so much for everything you did & for all your help & for Mercy Flight.  It really helped so much.


There is no way that I know to tell you how much we appreciate all of your efforts to help.  I want you to please extend my family’s sincere thanks to all of you.  You are truly Angels


I want you to know how thankful my wife and I are for you.  You sacrificed your time and energy to fly us to Nashville.  God has opened so many doors for us and you were definitely the answer to our prayers.  Thank you so much, hopefully this surgery will allow our son to grow up and live a full life that, in turn, will be blessing to others, just as you have been to us.


When I fly with you I feel that we also fly among the angels.  When we are up with the clouds, a sense of peace always comes upon me.....always.  I do know that those very angels guide and protect each plane, each pilot, and each passenger.  God Bless . . .


I want to take this time to sincerely thank you for all your help.  I have been suffering with severe endometriosis for almost five years.  I have been through four surgeries and countless medications.  Dr. B.... at the Omega Institute will be performing the procedure that may relieve my pain increase my chances of becoming a mother.  This is an opportunity I thought had been taken away from me.  I will be forever grateful for your service.  Thank you again, and God bless . . . .


Words can not express how much we appreciate everything you did to get our dad to Cleveland.  This is an awesome organization. 

Thank you very much.