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Here all the Cheeky Meenkeys I currently have for sale. They're all between 2 and 2 1/2 inches tall. If you would like to see turn around shots of them, please visit their site And go ahead and take a good long look, they don't mind the staring. Just don't blame me if the cheeky wankers give you a flash of something you're not mentally or emotionally prepared to deal with. They do have freaky little monkey minds of their own.

But if  you see qualities in one or more of them that compels you to make them part of your life, head on over to the Buy What I'm Sellin! page and start the process of owning them for yourself!

Drunkard Meenkey

meenkey - drunkard

Moony Meenkey

meenkey - moony

Niprubber Meenkey

meenkey - niprubber

Lingerie Meenkey

meenkey - lingerie

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