Mennonite Farm Country

Mennonite Farm Country scene

Amish Mennonite farmland  (July 03, 2010)

Near Montezuma in Macon County is a community of Beachy Amish Mennonites. The roots of these Mennonites go back to the Old Order Amish of Somerset County, Pennsylvania and they share many of the same beliefs. They wear plain clothes and the women wear head coverings. Unlike the Amish, they have church buildings, drive automobiles and use electricity. But they do not watch television or participate in other forms of modern entertainment.

If you would like to take a drive through this farm country, go west from I-75, exit 127 on Ga. Highway 26. After a little over 11 miles, a small Mennonite country store called Yoder's Country Market will be on the right side of the road. This little store has items such as old-fashioned candy, spices, and Amish tonics as well as basic staples.

Continue west for another couple of miles to Yoder's Deitsch Haus & Bakery. This is a good place to eat lunch or dinner and it has been open since 1984.


There is a gift shop in a separate building to the left of the restaurant. It stocks a variety of items including chow-chow, Skinner's Vaporizing Salve, and pepper jelly. It has an assortment of home-style jams that are made with real sugar instead of the high-fructose corn syrup that is used in most supermarket brands.

Go west 0.1 mile from Yoder's Deitsch Haus and turn right (north) onto White House Inn Road for 1.8 miles. This will take you to the White House Farm. This is a Mennonite Bed and Breakfast Inn. It is also a dairy farm with lots of animals. Overnight guests can experience the workings of this active farm.

Turn left at the stop sign onto Mennonite Church Road and go west 0.5 mile to Kauffman Strawberry Farm. Kauffman's is a good place to pick fresh strawberries. Strawberry season in this part of Georgia is normally April and May.


Strawberry fields

Strawberry fields at Kauffman's   (April 23, 2011)

When Kauffman's is open, be sure to go into the silo and look up. Sandwiches, ice cream, and other treats are available in the silo. Strawberry season is the best time to stop at Kauffman's, but it also sells other local produce during the growing season as well.


Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry lemonade at Kauffman's  (May 08, 2010)

Continue west a little over a mile from Kauffman's. Just before the stop sign, turn left onto the dirt road (not the main road). This is also Mennonite Church Road. Follow this road (south) until it ends at a stop sign. Turn left at the stop sign onto Mennonite School Road. This will take you past the one of the country schools that the Mennonite children attend. The school is a plain building with six windows in front and a gravel driveway.

When you come to the next stop sign past the school, you have completed a loop. If you continue straight ahead on Mennonite School Road, this road will take you back to Ga. Highway 26 and then to I-75.


Also just about a mile north of Montezuma on Highway 49 is WILLIAM BROWN'S FARM MARKET. It is a roadside market that open in the summertime with vegetables and fruits that are picked daily.

Inside the farm stand

While Farmer Brown's is known for peaches including Elbertas, you can also buy vine-ripened tomatoes, okra, green beans, squash, and other summertime favorites. Homemade peach ice cream and flowers are also sold.

This market is only open during their peach harvesting season, which is typically from about mid-June to mid-August.

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