Pink Elephant in Moment of Clarity

Should I  throw away the magazine
before or after it is read?

"Semiconcious, these blinking lights
are driving me to drink
and to abuse cough syrup.
O, discontinuous aesthetic!"

images which sparkle or persist
like comic frames;
a stutter
            or hiccup,
unconcealed, strangely out of tune,
and disconnected by cold gusts.

        not unlike the empty feeling you get
when she tells you
she's pregnant .

The doctor knows.
The doctor is impeccable.
The child is but a voice box
on a stick figure.

Through slick muck glide feet.
The feet of the Philistine ambassador.
The audacity of making known
the self within a context of community:
intonations of the yawn
  trying   to escape my crooked jaw.

"I'm pissed, disquieted
like furniture polish;
I need to rub raw every
nerve and manacle:
Bite flesh from flesh clean."

A coagulation of these rules;
Meaning telescopes itself within itself.
They say I put the grit
back in integrity.

Still, I am distracted by the smell
of marijuana being smoked.

-Neal Miller, 1995

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