The Inner Yoko and George Martin

One of the most basic truths of Beatlism is the existence of two primal forces within the self, the drives that shape all thought, action, and emotion.  These two principals, known as the Inner Yoko and the Inner George Martin, are the fundamental glue that holds together, and sustains the dynamic energy between the Inner Beatles themselves.  On the most simplistic level, the Inner Yoko is the self-destructive, nihilistic drive to deny the self, to push apart and fragment the Inner Beatles.  The Inner George Martin, however, is the healing, unifying, life-affirming drive to keep the Inner Beatles together and create a balance between them.  The interplay of dissonance and harmony, of centripetal and centrifugal forces, causes a constant dynamic within the Inner Beatles.  As soon as balance is acheived within the self, the Inner Yoko kicks in and shakes up the status quo by pitting the Inner Beatles against each other.  And when the self is at its most fractured, and least coherent, the George Martin inevitably pulls the Inner Fab Four together again, forcing them to work as one toward a common goal.  If either of these forces were to disappear, the self would stagnate, and perhaps pass into a state of unconsciousness or death.  They are the yin and yang of Orthodox Beatlism, and embody the perfect congruence of a transcendent enlightenment.  Unlike the Inner Beatles themselves, the Inner Yoko and George Martin are not so much beings or personalities within the self, but are more abstract, formless entities.  The are pure energy and karma, without any identity or location in the body or mind.  They exist within us, but also beyond us, and in the space between one another.  To accept one's Inner Beatles, one must accept the necessity of the Inner Yoko and the Inner George Martin, for they are the forces that guide us to embeatlement.