The Inner Ringo

The most fundamental state of inner Beatletude is known as the Ringo.  This is a state of innocence and simplicity, of blind faith and action without thought.  In the inner Ringo, there is a resignation to the status quo and apathy toward personal shortcomings.  As Ringo, we are followers not leaders; we know neither why we do things, nor the effect our actions have on those around us.  Still, in Ringo there is an acceptance of our place in the universe, a sense of contentment with all that we see.  It is a celebration of the averageness and mediocrity to which we aspire.  Through our inner Ringo, we can exist in oblivion, shielded from all meditation, worry, and fear.  This is serenity without understanding, peace without self-knowledge.  However, Ringo is the path to that which overcomes Ringoness.  Only through experiencing our inner Ringo can we reach toward Paul, George, or John.  Ringo is driven by the inner George Martin, and thus acts as a galvanizing force for the other inner Beatles.  Indeed Ringo is a needed rest from the frantic pace and pressure of the self imposed so often by the "higher Beatles" (John and Paul).  When we embrace our inner Ringo, we embrace all that is pure and unencumbered within our core.

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