The Inner Paul

The Inner Paul is the center of our deepest emotions.  In Paul, there is a strong creative drive, and an expression of our most passionate feelings and impulses.  It is in Paul we find our most intimate interpersonal relationships, and give voice to the almost inexpressible experiences of the self.  The Paul is focused and goal oriented, capable of an incredible singularity of purpose and drive to succeed.  Paul is the most active and energetic state of the inner Beatles, as he translates all emotion into purposeful action.  And yet, in Paul there is an absence of any deeper thought.  Like the Inner Ringo, the Paul is unable to see the larger issues.  So focused on the details and particulars of the moment, the big picture becomes obscured.  The intellectual and philosophical concerns of the George or John are absent, as Paul rejoices in an almost pre-literate expression of the raw self.  Paul is a creativity without mastery, and a passion that is unchecked by fear or worry.  Still, this is a path on which we must travel in order to reach higher enlightenment or even the Inner John.  While the Inner John and Paul certainly repel each other, they are nonetheless interdependent and linked.  It is through the negation of Paul that the John becomes possible.  In the Inner Paul, we find the rich emotions of the self.  By embracing our inner Paul, we may begin to give a voice to that within us which we cannot express through rational contemplation or thought.  The Paul is our heart.

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