The Inner John

The Inner John is the highest expression of all the lower Beatles.  The inner John is the synthesis of thought, perception, and belief.  In John, our strongest convictions are expressed, our most intellectual pursuits are given form.  There is a strong sense of the self, and the relationship between the self and the universe in which it exists and grows.  Through John, we can reach greater awareness of the most abstract ideas, and can give expression to the inner core of spiritual connectedness.  The Inner John comes from the negation or rejection of the unchecked emotion of the Inner Paul, and an embrace of the philosophic contemplation of the George.  Unlike George, however, the Inner John has both a voice, and a drive to act on the inner truths uncovered in the process of self-evaluation. The most sensitive, and perceptive qualities of the self are given life within the John.  Both the Inner Yoko and the Inner George Martin are active within and without the John.  There is a great desire to push the other Inner Beatles to growth, yet a destructive impulse to break away from them.  While John may be the highest of the Beatles, he is not capable of existing in their absence.  Without the anchor of the Ringo, George, and Paul, the John is unable to sustain focus, and pursues flights of fancy that are bereft of any emotional content or basis in reality. The John often becomes so focused on the bigger picture that the details are ignored, and tends to shut down in the face of practical pressures.  However, it is through the Inner John that one gives voice to the spiritual and intellectual core of the self.  When one embraces the John, they allow themselves to reach a higher plane of consciousness and a greater capacity for fulfillment.  The Inner John is our soul.

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