The Inner George

The Inner George is the spiritual center of the self.  It is the highly contemplative, and insightful aspect that does not hesitate to ponder the heaviest questions surrounding our existence.  The George is inspired to examine the self, and grapple with issues of self-improvement and re-evaluation.  With this great self-awareness, the inner George becomes detached and aloof from reality.  In this trance-like state, every aspect of the world is examined until it can no longer hold any real meaning.  The world becomes so riddled with questions and ideas, that the people and emotions tend to disappear.  The clarity of thought comes at the cost of meaningful action.  Creation becomes wholly of the self, and communication with others is strained.  However, this state of meditative coma is necessary and helps one to overcome the blindness of the Ringo.  As one transcends the obedient mentality of the Ringo, and embraces the chaotic mental whirlwind of George, the two inner forces repel one another.  Thus, George comes under the sway of the inner Yoko, and sets the Inner Beatles in a dynamic relationship.  The state of Georgeness also allows one to attain the perspective needed to reach a state of Paul or John (the Higher Inner Beatles).  By embracing the unique inner George, one gains a sense of who we are, and why we are here.  The George provides a path to the John, and to still deeper realizations of our potential.

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