The Beatlism Hall of Meditation
version 1.1

Welcome to the church's newest online feature, where you can enhance your private meditations on your Inner Beatles!  Here, we have compiled visual environments that are specially designed by our team of experts to maximize the contemplation of Beatlism.  Within each chamber, click on the images to proceed toward greater and greater embeatlement, and deeper understanding of each individual Inner Beatle.  Please be patient, as the images may take a moment to download.  They're worth the wait.  We recommend touring the Hall in the following order:

1. The Inner Ringo Meditation Chamber
2. The Inner George Meditation Chamber
3. The Inner Paul Meditation Chamber
4. The Inner John Meditation Chamber

When all four have been completed, you should feel a greater sense of peace and embeatlement.  However, no refunds of time or effort will be granted by the management if these images fail to work for you. 

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