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2/2/05 - After exhaustive research and extensive muckraking, the Church of Beatlism has come to a SHOCKING conclusion regarding gay cartoons.  Our official "outing" for this week:  VeggieTales!  Join us in our boycott, and stay tuned to find out who we pick on next!.

The Inner Ringo

The Inner George

The Inner Paul

The Inner John
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An Overview of Beatlism

This page is dedicated to the discovery of the self and the universe through the contemplation of the inner Beatles.  The religion known as Beatlism has been around for about a year.  It was developed by two ne'er-do-wells during a road trip to Las Vegas.  The basic concept is this:  inside of everyone, there are four Beatles.  These Beatles are constantly interacting with one another to form your self: your spiritual, emotional, mental core. At different times and in different people, individual Beatles can gain predominance, and thus control of the self (i.e. you may be in a stage of "RINGO" or experience a "PAUL" phase).  The goal of life is to reach a balance of the inner Beatles.  Known in some circles simply as "the upper John", this state realizes the ultimate coordination where the sum of the individual Beatles overcomes its parts.  Furthermore, one must realize that there are two forces at work within us, that cause the dynamic change of the relationships between our inner Beatles.  One of these forces, known as "the Yoko", acts to push the individual inner Beatles apart, and cause disharmony within the whole.  The other, known as "the George Martin" acts to unify the four inner Beatles, and causes them to create new levels of consciousness within the self.  The religion draws on a bizarre mixture of psychological, philosophical, and spiritual sources to explain these inner workings.  As an organized church, the religion is in its early days.  While a spiritual leader has been proclaimed (Pope George Ringo the Cannibal), there is as of yet no official place of worship or even a canon of laws.  However, since debuting on the internet some 6 months ago, the faith has grown by leaps and bounds.  The message of Beatlism has reached the corners of the globe (references on request), as thousands have proclaimed their alliance to Pope George Ringo and the order of the Inner Beatles.

Here is a simplified table explaining the traits of the inner Beatles:
Disclaimer: While many aspects of the inner Beatles do reflect the history and personalities of the band "The Beatles," there is not any direct connection.  Keep in mind that the inner Beatles are primal forces which exist as ideal forms, not as actual people.  Thus Paul McCartney is not identical to the "Inner Paul", and should be seen as a separate entity. Our goal is not to examine the group (who were a physical manifestation of inner Beatletude), but to gain personal insight and knowledge.
Inner Beatle: Predominant Traits: Greatest Strength: Greatest Weakness: Label:
Ringo Starr Outgoing, simple,
impulsive, emotional
Takes life as it comes, low stress Oblivious to self, unable to create The Inner Funny One
George Harrison Silent, meditative, inactive, detached Spiritually centered and self aware Unable to act, not in touch with reality The Inner Quiet One
Paul McCartney Social, illogical, driven, passionate range of feelings, highly motivated Impulsive actions, unable to see whole The Inner Cute One
John Lennon
Quiet, thoughtful, at peace, balanced Balance of thought and emotion, at one Cannot focus, limit to emotional range The Inner Smart One

Big Trouble In Little Temple!!!
It is necessary that we inform you, the loyal Beatlist public, of some events that have transpired within the organization. A group of clerics have challenged the way of life we have so long promoted, and attempted to alter the course of the Temple by preaching their heresy in the name of Beatlism.  These heathens have now been excommunicated, and never again will they set foot in the sacred walls of this electronic temple.  The ideas they promoted were nothing short of offensive to those of us who hold true to the Orthodox faith.   These purveyors of the so-called "Beatlism 2.0" ideology have rejected the very notion of the Upper John.  Instead, they have some absurd notion that the Inner Paul is on an equal plane with the Inner John, and have put forth this idiotic idea of the "meta-Beatle".  It is all folly, and we have no doubt they will one day pay for these mistakes.  All we can do is hold true to what we ourselves know - the Inner John IS real, and there is an orderly progression and structure amongst the Inner Beatles - let us not abandon the established logic of the hierarchy for the chaotic gibberish of these fly-by-night new-age Beatlists.  In fact, feel free to fill their guestbook and discussion board with our derisive jeers.  Let us not be seduced by their slick (and frankly distasteful) graphic design !  Join me in saying no to these Paul-loving smut-peddlers who now attempt to usurp the mantle of Beatlism!  Remain true to the Original Temple, and beatletude will one day be yours.

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We recently backed the presidential campaign of one  John Kerry .  You can read our endorsement, but frankly it seems a bit pointless now that the election is over and certified.  Let's face it:, though, "George" is no "John".  At least we get another shot at democracy in 4 years, right?
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