Well, I've launched a new political satire page on my Beatlism site.  It is basically something I came up with as a reaction to the current debate over gay marriage.  The state of Oregon, and my own Multnomah County have become one of the frontlines in the battle to expand the marriage rights of gay and lesbian couples.  Melissa and I are big fans of equal civil rights, and we don't much care for the political ideologies of the religious right.  So, I launched the satirical campaign to BAN GRAY MARRIAGE .  This one was fun to write.  I hope nobody gets too offended by it.  I like my political thought served with an ample side-order of silliness, and this site intends to deliver on that.  But, it is all related to a genuinely serious issue.  George W. Bush is trying to push forward this Constitutional amendment that makes no sense, and seems motivated by basic intolerance and a misguided desire to legislate the morality of this country.  So, our endorsement of Kerry remains.  He's not quite as open as we are on the gay marriage issue, but he doesn't share Bush's ties to the right-wing religious zealots whose homophobia drives such legislative malarkey

Of course, I must continue to promote the latest addition to the church of Beatlism.  That would be the one and only Beatlism 2.0 - a brilliant website designed by my co-conspirator Leonard, and THE SITE that is intended to take over the spiritual role once served by my little temple.  He calls it the Archdiocese of Boston, and claims he is the East Coast chapter of the faith.  We recently kicked things off with a little schism between our two sites (which I have subsequently backed away from!  Just visit
Beatlism Central to see how angry (and yet concilliatory) I pretend to be about things, and remember its all in good fun (except the bits we really disagree on).  We're in negotiations to revive the legendary Fluxus page, but anyone who has visited this site more than once knows - change is slow, and many a project never happens at all.

Both the Churches continue to endorse the presidential campaign of John Kerry , who we hope will defeat a certain incumbant.  I know I carried on about Nader on this very page four years back, but this time around, you won't find any such wide-eyed liberal idealism.  Heck, I voted for Gore in 2000 anyway (like most of those who participated in the election).  But this time around, we're pushing for Kerry!  Get on the bandwagon, register, and VOTE!!!  Oh, yeah, and thanks to Leonard for creating the supercool Kerry propoganda at the top of the page.

This main site, of course, has been neglected for a long long time.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe I'm just out of ideas, or maybe I just haven't had so much extra free time on my hands.  At any rate, this will be remedied soon enough.  I intend to make this homepage into

or, maybe not.  At this point, I'd be satisfied to make it 50% less crappy - that would actually be quite an accomplishment.  But I'd never dream of attempting the WORST WEBSITE IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET .  That already exists I'm afraid (very very afraid)...

I figure its been a few years since the wedding, so I'll be taking down the photo album now.  My Mr. T website continues to draw in fans from around the world, for some reason or another (I think its the continuing popularity of the Pepsi Girl!).  There may be some problems with the Dr. Seuss site, but that's just the way it is.  I can't do everything, for crying out loud.

Feel free to email us with feedback, as long as its not too long - I don't like to read that much.

Greatest invention in human history: The Uber Big Gulp

Here's what we have (and don't have) on our site:

The Simpsons Site is "Temporarily Down for Repairs".
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Sorry Fluxus Fan(s).  The Fluxus page is 
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But, there's talk of a new CD release!
Stay tuned to hear more.

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