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A place for even more shameless self-promotion...

Every writer's gotta toot her own horn, I guess.  So here are some of my past glories, plus some web sites friendly to me and/or other writers in the Philadelphia area.

Links to Publications I'm In

2011 Rhysling Anthology

Goblin Fruit

Strange Horizons


Mythic Delirium

Poetry Planet (a podcast)


Mid-American Review

Literary Mama

Philadelphia Stories

Mad Poets Review

Finishing Line Press's Amazon Shop, where you can order my book "She"

Adirondack Review

Web page for the anthology Modern Magic

The Cream City Review

Crab Orchard Review


The Pedestal Magazine

Poems Niederngasse

Philly Sites and Other FOM (Friends o' Mel)

Science Fiction Poetry Association

Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction

Marc Schuster's blog, Abominations (w/info on his terrific Dr. Who book, "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy")

Small Press Reviews

David J. Snyder's Lamest Homepage Ever (TM)

Rosemont College MFA Program

Philadelphia Stories

A view of the Atlantic from San Juan

Plug of the Moment

My very first poetry chapbook, of course!  She is a collection of work that I like to think of as adventures in femininity.  Mostly, it's a compilation of my older stuff, but many are my own personal faves, like "Pearl," "Dorrit on Santorini," and "Mermaid."  Others are great pieces that for one reason or another have never seen the light of day, like "Mir Space Station Manned by Welfare Mom" and "For Sylvia Plath."  Definitley a must-read, if I do say so myself. :-)


Jumping on the Internet bandwagon at last...