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Giant Meteor Crater Arizona

A new American Airlines DC-3 cruises past the Great Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona about 1940 on its way from Phoenix to Albuquerque. Flying past it at around 9,000 feet afforded passengers a nice view of the ancient crater. It has also been a well known navigational landmark used by pilots since flying began. Naturally, it is still there but modern airliners fly so high that it goes unnoticed by most passengers and isn't nearly so spectacular from 35,000 feet anyway. 24 x 36 oil on linen

Thirty years of creating art has given me this great opportunity to share my "views" with you. Hopefully, one or more of these images will impress you enough to say hello. Pick a favorite and let me hear from you about why and how that scene touched you. If possible, we'll figure a way to get you a reproduction or an original piece of my art. Thanks for taking the time to visit and adios for now.

My old Red-tick coonhound ZIP
ZIP and the barn

Once upon a time, I lived on an old ranch east of San Antonio that was well known for its abundance of rattlesnakes. In two years there I killed five of the pesky critters within a hundred feet of the ancient house including one under my car and another one under my bed. My Red-tick coon dog ZIP stirred one up in that old barn and got popped on his nose for bothering the rattler in the first place. His head swelled to the size of a basketball and I got ready to put a bullet into him to end the suffering. His eyes had swollen shut and he could barely breath. But thanks to some old fashion folk medicine made of coal oil, saltpork and mashed onion plus time, he got over it eventually though it did age him a few years. Some months later ZIP came limping home with a rump full of bird shot after getting caught bothering a neighbor's chickens. I gave him injections of penicillin and tetanus so he healed up in a few weeks. But that very next summer was his last when a local rancher shot ZIP while he was chasing that man's cattle which is a well known no-no. That was the end of old Zipper but he is still my favorite dog and the most soulful animal I ever knew.

16 x 20 oil on canvas

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