Mold Goddess
Diana Meier

Can you pick out the mold...? YUCK!

Remember the "curse"... anyone who entered the pyramid tombs would die from Toxic Mold!

Salem Witch trials... now they've figured out that most of the town had an LSD reaction to Ergot, a mold found in rye bread!

Did you see that X-Files episode where Scully & Mulder were trippin' on mold in a cave?

"If you think you're Wonder Woman or Superman mold is kryptonite!"

We need your help on our public awareness campaign!

Mold turned me and my twin sister's lives upside down...

Who would think that a microscopic organism could do so much damage to my WNBA BOUND 6 foot 2 inch body 10 years ago? Forget about playing pro basketball again and being a Sports Goddess... I couldn't even breathe! It happened to me! For almost 3 years, mold under our building caused neck aches, body aches, sinus infection after sinus infection - basically an unbalanced body - all from our Santa Monica apartment.

I learned that I had to heal myself and the biggest step was to get away from the mold. Not easy in Los Angeles where the vacancy rate is less than 4% and many of the apt's available are not safe.

I'm the Mold Goddess...

Diana Meier
Advocate & Indoor Air Educator
(Certified Mold Remediator training thru

Available per request to SPEAK at your next function.  Check out my bio in the link above.

Via the internet and through our public appearances we're, "helping victims become survivors of toxic mold."

Overcoming the health and financial obstacles from toxic mold has been the hardest thing we've ever been though in our entire lives emotionally and physically. We are so blessed to have recovered. People everywhere are still suffering. Mold Goddess on a daily basis, points people in the right direction. Our goal is to raise awareness of indoor air quality issues in buildings via the web site and speaking engagements.

DISCLAIMER: By asking for my recommendations and referrals you agree to hold me harmless and not responsible for any and all outcomes. I am agreeing only to share my experiences with you as I have found that you may need to obtain help from legal, medical and mold industry professionals. Please use anything from my site but kindly give Mold Goddess credit.

* Click here to see our Story by Med STAR on WebMD

* Click here to see our other Story by Med STAR on WebMD


Someone from Santa Monica emailed me January 6th or 7th - my spaminator got the email... please email me back... Diana...

Lisa Marie Papi from Mold Across America passed in June of 2007.  This is a sad time for the mold community - she was a great advocate and will be missed.  Her efforts in mold will never be forgotten!

Please Help!  See this Georgia woman's story!  She and her husband suffer from serious fungal infections and trichothecene poisoning... with little local help available.  Though they have many needs, their main concern right now is to have the means to video tape physical & even bizzar reactions - in hopes medical documentation can help save lives.  If you can help, contact her at:
See their ABC News Special that aired in Georgia:

Attended the International Conference on Asthma Impacts of Air Pollution, "Asthma Is a Small World..."
with Jackie Joyner Kersee and Arnold Schwarzenegger - May, 2007.

See top link for "Mold News" - brings the latest mold news around the country - check it every day! 

Please help me with my FUND RAISING PROJECT:

Buy these Daily Variety Hard Covers, personally autographed by Erin Brockovich approx. 10.5 x 14 for your home or office.  You frame them based upon your preferences.  Please email me with questions and orders.

Be the "Keeper" of the water!                Kick Ass!                             Stand Strong!

             BELIEVE!                          Follow your Passion!                    Erin Brockovich

Support Groups on Line:

(see below in photo album)!
See picture of us in a new book called, IDENTICAL - not sure when it will be out.


We twin sandwiched as many as we could... even got Erin Brockovich!

On May 8, 2001, Dawn & I went to Sacramento to testify on the Mold Bills... See the photos below marked "Photo Album." Also, the City of Santa Monica signed a resolution in support of the new bill in part because of our efforts.

SB 732, the "Mold Protection Act" was signed by Gray Davis and has become LAW! Mold will now have to be disclosed and illnesses from mold will be taken a lot more seriously. Select "Web Sites" below to find the legislative link.

Did you know that the Mayo Clinic has found some indicatory relationship between Fungus and chronic sinusitis? You know that condition where your nose is running all the time... More research needs to be done but this may provide the answer as to why antibiotics are many times ineffective and even harmful. An anti-fungal is more useful in many cases. Again, every case is different and your doctor should be consulted on this.

*  Mayo Clinic's Findings on Fungus and Chronic Sinusitis:
*  Dr.'s position paper on Mayo Clinic's Findings:

MORE OF OUR STORY: Dawn & I temporarily became believe it or not mentally and physically disabled from mold and then from the nasty side effects due to the over use of antibiotics and pain killers. This life altering experience sent us praying for answers and they've been coming. The first step was go get AWAY from the mold.  We both moved and got into safe apartments.  The next step was to raise our immune system. To do this we needed to eliminate many foods that we had become allergic to and we have had to avoid anything else we were allergic to.  In our case we had to build up our INTESTINAL HEALTH. We did Chinese Herbs for 6-7 weeks and saw results almost instantly - they gave us so much hope. Western medicine didn't have a lot of answers so we figured, hey, the Chinese have been around for 5,000 years and healing all sorts of ailments - it's either gonna kill us or cure us : ) Look below under "Photo Album" for our Chinese Herbal experience. We've done many anti-fungals including Nystatin, C-Econozole & GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract). We did an "allergy elimination" program called, N.A.E.T. and we took supplements to cleanse and support our INTESTINAL SYSTEM -  Mastic Gum for 2 months helped us to rid our acid reflux - feelin' GREAT!  Both Dawn & I are happy to be back in the flow of life again!

Remember to keep these ideas in mind about your health and environment:
*  Pay attention to how you feel.
*  Become a Detective to figure out what may be making you ill.
*  There may be other IAQ issues besides mold to consider!
*  Be your own health advocate and/or get a buddy to help you.
*  Be diligent to the things that work.
*  Keep your sense of humor!
("Hope you get to meat or the MOLD of your issue!")

Please email me if you'd like to be on my e-mailing list.

To your health!
Diana Meier

*  Dr. Jordan S. Josephson's book: SINUS RELIEF
Great book on understanding the causes of chronic sinusitis and other related problems!  I especially enjoyed his juicy details on the 1999 Mayo Clinic Study.  Their study found what actually causes chronic sinus infections (hint... it's not bacteria... it starts with an f... yea, fungus!)  Most of my sinus relief  has come from combating my "hidden" infections... you can also see Dr. Josephson featured on the WebMD specials above.


*  Dr. Peter D' Adamo's book: EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR BLOOD TYPE
(I'm a type A - very useful for me, not sure about the other types)

Also look for Anti-Candida Diet, Anti-Fungal Diet, Alkaline/Acid Balance Diet books too!

See these Sites:

*  Twin Sister, Dawn Meier's site on Health Solutions
*  IQ Air North America for a HEPA Air Cleaner

*  Austin Air Systems

School Mold Problems
Call Toll Free 877-280-6653
*  Chronic Health Councelor, Pat Gurnick:
Go to:

*  What the Bible has to say about Mold in Leviticus:
*  Great site on Indoor Environmental Quality & Health Effects: (legislative issues)


*  Useful Web Sites on Mold from the DHS
*  Photo Album (IDENTICAL -Book Photo, Santa Monica High 5/03, Sacramento Trip May 8th, Healthy Indoor Environments Conference 4/03, pics from under our apartment in Santa Monica and China Town Pics & more!)

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