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Diana and Dawn Meier
Tallest Identical Twins in Entertainment at 6' 2"

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August 2008
Towering Twins in Prescott Valley, AZ

June 2008
Won Most Look-A-Like at the Arizona

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Awarded, 2007
 Sister's in Sports Award by
 LA 84 Foundation.org (formerly Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angleles)
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Meet the Meier twins, Diana and Dawn Meier.  Their passion for sports started by playing basketball at the park with the "guys" at age eleven in Redondo Beach and their talents earned them the first athletic scholarships to College riding the wave of Title Nine.  The native Californian's played for UC Irvine and the University of Houston and received their degrees in Social Ecology.  After college, Dawn earned her Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning while Diana "schooled 'em"  in Europe as a pro-basketball player in England, Sweden, New Zealand and Spain.  Dawn's career has focused in the area of air quality and transportation planning and Diana in sports entertainment even hosting her own women's sports TV show. You may have seen the twins as guests on several national TV shows like Montel Williams and TV news specials as part of their public awareness campaign teaming up against the indoor air health issue of Toxic Mold.

Diana, Montel and Dawn just after doing the "Montel Williams Show," in NY!  Double click on the above pic to see the show photo album!  Show title, "Twins that are Different."


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Did you know that Dawn & I have a claim to the Guiness Book of World records as the tallest twins in the world! We did get beat out a few years ago by Heather & Heidi Burge...they're almost 6'5". But hey, if you can't beat 'em, we figured we'd have 'em on our TV Show...see below : )

The Tallest Female Twins in the world now are Ann and Claire Recht at 6' 6"!

Dawn & I were the first women from our High School (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach) to get athletic scholarships in women's basketball - Diana went on to play pro-basketball in Europe!

Meier twins at the Saddle Ranch with Gary and Larry Lane

Meier twins with Gary and Larry Lane at the Saddle Ranch - 2004

Won "Most Look-A-Like" for the 3rd year at the biggest annual gathering of TWINS in Twinsburg, Ohio - see a pic below.

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Coney Island, NY 2004 Twin Pics

Tall & Famous List
Twins Days 2003 Photos

TwinsWorld Link

This photo is from THE
BOOK OF TWINS...on the
NY Best Sellers List!
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We've also been on
LOST LOVES,& Disney's
re-make of ESCAPE TO


The Meier Twins with
Debbie & Lisa Ganz
authors of THE BOOK
OF TWINS...at the book
signing in Westwood.


The Meier Twins vs.
The Burge Twins on
Diana's sports TV Show,
W Sportz. Dawn also
co-hosted this one!


Diana shown here with Neena & Veena... "The Belly Dancing Twins." We all belly danced on Ch. 2's Woman to Woman with Kelly Lange, June 2000!


Adventure pic of Diana & Dawn in Kauai, Hawaii 2000! ALOHA!


3rd Year in a row we won "Most Look-A-Like" at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, 2000!

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