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Energy Blockages

Imagine the energies you carry getting tangled with the emotions, reactions, difficulties and challenges of your day. They become like small snarls in your hair, or a net caught on the rocks. Without attention, the tangles grow and get worse, blocking the smooth flow of energy that keeps us healthy on all levels. Over the years, the blockages can turn to disease. In the worst cases, our DNA coils and becomes unable to repair our cells.

With attention and intention, an energy healer opens the blockages, smoothes the tangles, and helps bring in the healing light of the universe, allowing your natural energy to resume, both protecting and invigorating you.

The Morphic Field of Healing

We get help with our healing because we live in this interconnected, multi-dimensional universe of living energy where we (trees, water, stones, humans, butterflies, mountains) are all part of each other. Energy healing affects physical healing by taking you gently into your essential self, where your cells listen and respond. As the energy body is healed, the physical cells in our bodies are able to shift and change as well.

In the morphic field of healing, intent plays an essential role. My intent is to connect with the power of the universe, and to combine my wisdom, love, and intuition with the energy of my helping spirits. Your intent, trust, and openness to the process are crucial components of your healing. Ask yourself: What is my intent? What do I want to change in my life? Am I willing to follow the advice and instructions offered to me?

How Does a Shamanic or Energy Healing Session Empower You?

Any issues in your life--work, relationship dynamics, mid-life, inability to move forward, how to follow your dreams--can be addressed shamanically. You bring your intent, what you most deeply want to know, be, or do. I engage with my spirit helpers to find answers to your questions.

Shamanism is empowering because spirits give you exactly what you need right now. You do not need to fit yourself into someone else's program.

I will help you shed whatever weighs you down, get your energy back on track, learn how to stay aligned, find your inner power, and develop conscious relationships with the land.

I will teach you to journey and find your own answers, and how to integrate what you are learning into your life.

I will help you find practices to empower yourself--and help you focus your daily practice so it works for you!

What Is Shamanism and How Can It Help Me? Free Guide

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"Shamans and spiritual healers look through the eyes of spirit into a client’s body reading the field of energy. Shamans heal what is out of balance on a spiritual level. The illness might manifest on an emotional or physical level, but the shaman is looking behind the manifestation of symptoms. A shaman looks at the energy system of a client and restores harmony on a spiritual level. Once harmony is restored in the invisible energetic system the client’s body and emotions can heal." -- Sandra Ingerman
In a private healing session we work in sacred space and in a safe environment. We talk first about your intent and the feelings that have brought you. I help you formulate specific questions. Then I seek advice and assistance from spirit for you, perform whatever healing is recommended, and offer you tools for continuing to shift your energy and empower yourself.
Shamanic work may include any of the following:

* Remove something that does not belong in you (heavy energy, intrusions, toxic thoughts, entities).

* Bring back and fill you with something that's yours (power animals, soul parts, light, vibrations).

Consult with and coach you about any spiritual or life concerns.
* Perform energy cleansing, smoothing, and filling of your physical and etheric, or light bodies.

* Ask for prescriptions for shifting a behavior or point of view.
* Negotiate with ancestral spirits or spirits of place or whose pain is affecting you.

* Create a ceremony together for a specific intention or transition.

* Help you develop your shamanic journeying skills and connections with the living beings that surround us. This might include exploring what questions to ask, where to go next in your practice, and how to move to the next level.

* Mentor and support you as you develop your personal spiritual direction and path.

At end of each session, we discuss practices & techniques for you to take home to strengthen and aid the shifts you are trying to make. You may receive some "homework" to help you anchor and integrate the changes made in your energy field. You may also learn tools for continuing your healing process and consciously shifting your energy. Your self-empowerment is central to my intent! 

Shamanic and energy healing can create profound, lasting improvements in your life. They can restore your energy, vitality, and comfort; return you to balance; bring clarity and wholeness; and connect you with your essential self.

An initial session is two hours. Subsequent sessions can be 1 or 2 hours. Each session is specific to, and right for, what you need at that time.
Buy now so you can schedule an in-person appointment.

Sonoma Shamanism
Energy healing at Molla Marca, Peru, photo by Americo Yabar

Do you need healing? Shamanic Empowerment? Mentoring? Not Sure?

"Psychological work focuses more on what has gone wrong: how we have been wounded in our relations with others and how to go about addressing that. Spiritual work focuses more on what is intrinsically right: how we have infinite resources at the core of our nature that we can cultivate in order to live more expansively. If psychological work thins the clouds, spiritual work invokes the sun." --John Welwood, Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships

My Practice

My focus is on helping you sidestep old stories and work with underlying energy patterns so you can return to balance and reconnect with your own wholeness. I draw on all my skills and extensive training in Andean energetic healing, shamanism, Munay-Ki, sound healing, Reiki, meditation, parenting, ceremony, and healing with spiritual light in my work with you. My intent is to be midwife to your expanded awareness, your essence, your whole soul, and your luminous energy body, helping you move into vibrational alignment with your highest self.

Fees and Payment Policies

You can pay online at Payment is due at the time service is rendered in person, or via credit card in advance of a long-distance session.

Complementary Character of My Services

All services I provide are alternative and complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State of California, and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological care. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any physical or mental conditions. Although healing happens on the energetic level, it is neither possible nor appropriate to guarantee any physical or emotional changes at the outer level. All this is detailed on the New Client Form and Disclosure which each client signs (link follows). For more information about complementary holistic services, please read the California Health Freedom Act.

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New to energy healing? Got questions? Not sure what to make of this? Both shamanic and energy healing work with vital, living energy in the realms of spirit, soul, and heart, not mind. You will learn from your experience of the work!

Some Mystical Background

Because everything is interconnected in our beautiful universe, waves of energy from the whole of creation flow into and out of our bodies constantly. Our cells remember. In the mysterious ways of the cosmos, our remembering lets us entrain with healing sound, healing light, and healing vibration.

All the subtle realms that surround and interact with our physical bodies--what we call auras and light body, as well as chakras and acupuncture meridians--make up the body of "energy" (chi or prana) in and around us. This body of energy is responsive to changes in vibration, light, and intention.

Healing Light

Healing light is used by cultures both ancient and modern to shift cellular structure, create connections, and reweave the web of life. For descendants of the Inca, the Q'ero people in the high Andes of Peru, the earth, stars, and cosmos are sources of energy, power, and healing. Similarly, modern forms of spiritual/energetic healing, such as Reiki, Medicine for the Earth, and Andean light body healing, use light for bringing balance to people, issues, communities, and places on the earth.

Healing Vibration

Every vibration resonates in our physical and energy bodies; in the air; and in material things, in ever widening circles like stones in water. Vibration comes from sound as well as other forms of energy, such as movement and light: think of the vibration of hummingbird wings, the vibration of thunder and rain, the vibration of our cranial-sacral fluid.

Ancient cultures understood and integrated vibration into daily life. In Sanskrit, one of the earliest Asian languages and an ancestor of Indo-European tongues, every sound was understood to send a particular energy into the universe, so sounds, words, and chants were used with precision and intention to interact with the whole harmonic creation. Vedic practitioners and Tibetan Buddhists have complex theories and understandings of the effects of various vibrations on body and spirit. In Mayan languages in Central America, the beauty of the words people use is central to maintaining the fabric of community and the daily work of weaving the world together.

In our western cultures, we tend to be barraged by sound, much of it jarring and discordant. Yet our bodies remember gentler sounds, and can respond deeply to the harmonious vibration of chanting, singing, Tibetan bowls, percussion, and other instruments used in sound healing, as well as "sound healing technologies."

Combining Light and Vibration to Shift Energy

The more we open our beings to the parallel realities that exist alongside the consensual reality that we "see," the more we tune into and can transmit healing energy, light, and sound. This is a non-rational, non-verbal, other-levels-of-awareness process, akin to that of shamans who see with their hearts. It's an interweaving: as our cells learn different energies, they become what Martin Prechtel describes as "made of stars and time that come from sound."

When our cells begin to feel, and our awareness catches up, we can then consciously play with vibration, and intuitively use vibration and light to shift and heal.

The harmony and balance created during any healing--of a person's energy body and of the world's energy body--reverberates into the whole universe.

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