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Soul Retrieval, Embracing Your Wholeness -- Free Guide

Soul Retrieval

Loss of vital essence, or soul, is a self-protective response to trauma. When your psyche feels it cannot survive a particular situation--whether abuse, addiction, or danger--part of you may split off, or dissociate. This loss creates damage to your energy body and your spirit.

When you are out of the traumatic situation or more able to cope, the lost parts may return on their own or with your conscious effort. When that loss of essence is so great that you feel "empty" or that "something is missing;" when you feel detached, as if life is passing you by; when you have chronic illness or grief; or when you have memory repression of events or entire periods of your life, then you may need help in recovering your lost essence.

In the classic shamanic healing technique of soul retrieval, a shaman works with her helping spirits to track and return a lost essence to a person, bringing it back from the realms it has inhabited. This retrieval replaces what belongs in the person, the essence that "came into this life to have adventures, grow, and evolve."

Then begins a process of re-membering, a spiritual healing that results in regained wholeness. It is a journey of discovery, like learning a lover or long-lost friend, familiar and mysterious at once.

Sonoma Shamanism
Redwoods and Orbs, Sonoma Mountain

Soul Remembering

After your soul retrieval is performed, the remembering work done by you is essential: to integrate, keep, and root your soul parts; to learn what qualities have been returned to you along with your essence; to discover how to use your new energy; and to release any attitudes that continue to block your wholeness.

During soul remembering, you gain knowledge of your soul's purpose in the world. The gifts, talents, and strengths that soul remembering brings offer you wonderful beauty, vitality, and awareness in your life.

Energy field photos before & after a soul retrieval

Practical Matters

Soul retrieval is a gift to you from the spirit world.

Your part in the process is to have a clear intent, engage your community to support you, and be ready to receive, welcome, and make friends with your returned essence during the follow-up sessions.

At our initial meeting, we talk, and I do a divination journey to inquire about your soul loss and any preparation the spirits want from you.

Next we schedule your soul retrieval ceremony.

I ask you to commit to six follow-up and support sessions after your soul retrieval. In these, you do the healing and remembering described above. They help you embrace, make space for, and learn how to nurture your returned essence.

We use guided visualization, ceremony, and shamanic journeying. You learn many empowering skills and tools for continuing your integration and developing your inner authority.

If you think you need a soul retrieval and remembering, please contact me by phone for a free consultation: 707-939-7961. Please note that I perform your soul retrieval ceremony only in person.

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