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Ceremonies and Workshops

We are currently working on our new book, Creating From the Heart of the Universe: Engaging with Energy, Fields, and Our Future, and will return to a fuller schedule in late  2014!


June 22 2014

Summer Solstice Dreaming Despacho and Fire Ceremony

Join us in creating a Dreaming Despacho. 
Add your dreams—for the earth and your own path—to help them manifest…We gather for this ceremony in honor of the Solstice, our longest day of light…

 We will meet in our Medicine Wheel portal, on private land at the base of Sonoma Mountain at 2:00 PM on Sunday, June 22. We will feed the power of the despacho with our personal and collective intent, receive its sweet blessing, and offer it to the fire, sending our dreams and prayers out to the cosmos in the smoke of transmutation. Afterwards, well share a potluck meal and revel in the beauty surrounding us, finishing about 7 PM.

A ceremony is a way of bridging, and making connection outside of our small groups, our small worlds. Ceremony lets us experience the power of focused energy, the power of group, and the joy of shared intent.

This contemporary despacho will follow traditional Andean form, ingredients, and intent, and Eagle-of-the-North practices for group engagement, connection, and focus. No prior experience necessary (and if you have it, bring it!) Creating this ceremony in reciprocity is a wonderful way of focusing intent, giving back to the Earth and spirits, and being together. And in gifting our dreaming, we align with a different story, shift our perceptions, and help create the world we want to live in.

To prepare: Try using the phrase “I see a world…” as you decide which dreams you want to bring to the offering. Reflect also on your three power centers of belly, heart, and third eye, and how they might relate to your dreams and intent.

Bring: two small burnable objects that symbolize your dreams for the earth and yourself; one ribbon about 12 inches long, representing your path into the future; water; a chair if you need one; layers; hat; potluck dish to share for dinner. Well be outside the whole day; dress appropriately for sun, wind, and full moon.

On Dreaming, Vision and Intent
Guboo Ted Thomas, Yuin Aboriginal tribal elder (1901-2002), describes the Aboriginal Dreaming:

“Dreaming…starts outdoors in a very quiet place where there is no noise and where the wind is blowing. Here, all around are Nature Spirits…I would talk to you and be in the spirit of the land and bring that spirit here (gestures to interviewer’s heart). After walking in the woods for some time, you would dream and spirits would visit your vision. Yes, you would see these spirits and they talk with you…The dreaming is a way to be in the change of this world...I do not teach the dreaming. The mountain teaches the dreaming. Uluru.”

“…the vision of this time is not one of change but of mastering the arts of creating wholeness through connectedness: connectedness within ourselves, between each other, and between humans and the world around them. –David Spangler

Email if you'd like to join us

Jan. to Sept. 2014

Seeds for Earthkeepers: the Nine Initiations of Munay-Ki

You are invited to receive the profound energetic transmissions of Munay-Ki over the course of nine months in 2014. The transmissions are portals to becoming beings of wisdom and power who accept stewardship for all of creation.

Our time together will offer you an immersion in the mystical side of Andean cosmology. We'll explore the use of intent, alchemy, reciprocity, and energy, along with oral wisdom teachings, healing practices, and tools for transformation, as we nurture these "seeds of homo luminous" given to us by the Q'ero/Inca and other peoples of the Andes. We will also have time to connect deeply with and learn from nature as indigenous people do the world over.

The intent of these transmissions is to help you see with heart, heal our earth, and increase your energy for reconnecting to the web of living energy in these prophesied times of great change and opportunity.

We'll meet in our Medicine Wheel on Sonoma Mountain, on the fourth Sunday of each month, from January to September 2014, beginning at 11 AM each day, and lasting 4-6 hours. Suggested donation each meeting, sliding sale, $65 to $85. Email if you would like to join us.

If you wish only to receive the rites, and not the surrounding teachings, there are a number of options in the Bay Area. If you wish to begin or deepen your connection with the indigenous Andean worldview and cosmology, this nine-month series will fully support that. Meg has been studying, practicing, and deepening her heart connection with the Q'ero for over 20 years.  

Classes are a way to shift perceptions and learn tools that you can use for your own development, healing, and "growing your seeds" of consciousness. My role is to midwife your expanded awareness, your essence, your whole soul, and your luminous energy body, helping you move into vibrational alignment with your highest self. I believe that our understanding of everything is deepened and enriched with embodied, experiential learning.

Ongoing Shamanic Groups

Last Wed. of each month
Shamanic Journey and Transfiguration Circle 

This group combines shamanic journeying for personal and "world work" issues with the practice of transfiguration. We meet the last Wednesday of each month.

You need to know how to journey and have a desire to learn more to join. We work and play with various methods of journeying, and explore how to formulate questions. I teach about transfiguration and related Medicine for the Earth practices to transmute toxins inside and out. We apply these practices to places and issues in the world, exploring how to bear witness with equanimity and love.  

Donation: $20.
Time: 7 to 9:30 PM, last Wednesday of each month.
If interested in future openings, please contact

Bi-monthly 2014

Creating Our World Together
We explore light, vibration, the star beings, and collective healing; develop fields and webs of support; focus our energies together; and nurture ourselves and the planet. We meet every two months.

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