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Ceremonies and Workshops

We are currently working on our new book, Connecting with the Heart of the Universe, and will return to a fuller schedule in  2015!


June 22 2014

10/12/14, One-day workshop, 11AM to 5PM

Do you yearn to discover your essence, your inner divinity? Do you want to empower yourself to transmute toxic thoughts, old habits, and toxins in the world? Experience your inner joy?

You can use the beautiful practice of transfiguration to live in and from your essence. You can use it in your daily life, shamanic practice, and meditation to bypass judgment and dualistic thinking. You can use it to see any problem, issue, or place in its divine perfection, which changes your response and your perception.

Additional Information: This powerfully transformative work helps you discover your essence. It gives you a grounded sense of connection with the Divine in all things. Reconnecting and realigning yourself, you will shine with the beauty, harmony, love, and divinity at the root of all transformation. You will empower yourself to transmute toxins, both internal and external. You will learn to be present with all that is.

If you are interested in joining our monthly Shamanic Journey and Transfiguration group, this day will prepare you. (You also need to know how to journey for the group!)

When: October 12, 11AM-5PM, in our medicine wheel in Sonoma Mountain's oak woodlands.

Cost: $95. Preregister and send checks to Meg Beeler and mail, along with your email address: 16100 Sobre Vista Court, Sonoma 95476. Directions and further instructions will be sent when your preregistration is received.

Questions? Call 707-939-7961 or email

Bring: A journal, water, lunch, a hat, a rattle if you have one.

Meg Beeler, MAT, is the founder of Earth Caretakers. She guides you into deep heart connection with the living energy of the universe through cosmic Andean energy healing and universal core shamanism. She helps you reconnect with nature and the earth, and guides you in finding your own power and inner authority through divination, ceremony, and energy alchemy. FB: EarthCaretakers. Web page and Shifting Consciousness blog at:

What others say about transfiguration...
"Transfiguring gives me a grounded sense of connection with the Divine. It brings my heart, mind and spirit back to what is truly important. It gives me a great sense of inner joy and serenity in a way that nothing else does. I gain a tremendous sense of clarity--mentally, emotionally and even physically. Doing the work makes me feel that I am honoring and cherishing beautiful Mother Earth as she deserves. In my tiny way, I feel I am helping to make the world a better place." --MP

"The most important tool for me is to be able to transform myself into essence, into light, and in that state, access places in myself and in the universe that I could not access otherwise. The messages I get help me understand the state-of-being that both Humanity and the Planet Earth are experiencing, and have taught me not be fearful of change." --BM

Jan. to Sept. 2015

Seeds for Earthkeepers: the Nine Initiations of Munay-Ki

You are invited to receive the profound energetic transmissions of Munay-Ki over the course of nine months in 2015. The transmissions are portals to becoming beings of wisdom and power who accept stewardship for all of creation.

Our time together will offer you an immersion in the mystical side of Andean cosmology. We'll explore the use of intent, alchemy, reciprocity, and energy, along with oral wisdom teachings, healing practices, and tools for transformation, as we nurture these "seeds of homo luminous" given to us by the Q'ero/Inca and other peoples of the Andes. We will also have time to connect deeply with and learn from nature as indigenous people do the world over.

The intent of these transmissions is to help you see with heart, heal our earth, and increase your energy for reconnecting to the web of living energy in these prophesied times of great change and opportunity.

We'll meet in our Medicine Wheel on Sonoma Mountain, on the fourth Sunday of each month, from January to September 2015, beginning at 11 AM each day, and lasting 4-6 hours. Suggested donation each meeting, sliding sale, $75 to $95. Email if you would like to join us.

If you wish to begin or deepen your connection with the indigenous Andean worldview and cosmology, this nine-month series will fully support that. Meg has been studying, practicing, and deepening her heart connection with the Q'ero for over 20 years. If you wish only to receive the rites, and not the surrounding teachings, there are a number of options in the Bay Area.   

"The Munay-Ki transmissions played a huge part in my leaps forward into connection with the spirit world, my ability to walk between worlds, my practice, and my intent for this life and path." --MFR

Classes are a way to shift perceptions and learn tools that you can use for your own development, healing, and "growing your seeds" of consciousness. My role is to midwife your expanded awareness, your essence, your whole soul, and your luminous energy body, helping you move into vibrational alignment with your highest self. I believe that our understanding of everything is deepened and enriched with embodied, experiential learning.

Ongoing Shamanic Groups

Last Wed. of each month
Shamanic Journey and Transfiguration Circle 

This group combines shamanic journeying for personal and "world work" issues with the practice of transfiguration. We meet the last Wednesday of each month.

We use the practice of transfiguration to transmute both personal and environmental toxins, focusing on world healing. We work with universal core shamanism, energy and formlessness, divinity and shadow, intention and imagination, learning how to shift our perceptions and our state of consciousness on an ongoing basis. We also have a good time!

You need to know how to journey and have a desire to learn more to join. We work and play with various methods of journeying, and explore how to formulate questions. We continually explore transfiguration and related Medicine for the Earth practices to transmute toxins inside and out. We apply these practices to places and issues in the world, exploring how to bear witness with equanimity and love.  

Donation: $20. Time: 7 to 9:30 PM, last Wednesday of each month. If interested in future openings, please contact

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