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Ceremonies and Workshops

Energy Alchemy

Are you ready to let go of old patterns and stories that weigh you down?
Do you want greater skill and fluidity in managing your energy?
Do you yearn to deepen your connection with the natural world and step into your radiance?

Energy Alchemy experiential workshops introduce you to earth- and nature-based practices for releasing what does not serve you and filling with the boundless energy that surrounds you. Energy Alchemy is based on an ancient, life-changing premise: you can work with your energy--not just your mind and emotions--to shift your experience of and engagement with the world. You will come away with an expanded heart and ways to find energetic solutions to whatever challenges you face.

You will learn to use the simple practices of Energy Alchemy to release dense and "heavy"; perceptions, gather in the "light," enliven your connection with the natural world, and transform your energy and awareness on a daily basis. The practices will help you connect daily with your wild, undomesticated energy (salk'a in the Andes) connecting with the vibrating, alive energy all around you--renewing your spirit, opening your heart, and lifting your energy.

You will learn to:

* Shift from heaviness in your life--problems, worry, sadness, and suffering--into the beauty of connection with all that is.

* Experience the power of moving your energy from one state to another.

* Discover ancient, original wisdom pathways to personal transformation, wonder, joy, and deep love.

* Deepen your connection with the natural world and learn to maintain your own harmony, balance, and connection.

* Create a community offering--based on an ancient Andean form called despacho--to move and shift both your energy and that of the planet. You will see how to weave your intent, reciprocity, and the filaments that connect us all into a form you can use again and again.

Next Energy Alchemy Teleconference Training begins Jan. 2016

Creating a more positive, joyful, light-filled world becomes much easier when you incorporate Energy Alchemy into your life. When you shift your energy to support your vision, your intent affects all that lives!

Classes are a way to shift perceptions and learn tools that you can use for your own development, healing, and "growing your seeds" of consciousness. My role is to midwife your expanded awareness, your essence, your whole soul, and your luminous energy body, helping you move into vibrational alignment with your highest self. I believe that our understanding of everything is deepened and enriched with embodied, experiential learning.

Ongoing Shamanic Groups

Last Wed. of each month
Shamanic Journey and Transfiguration Circle

This group combines shamanic journeying for personal and "world work" issues with the practice of transfiguration. We meet the last Wednesday of each month.

We use the practice of transfiguration to transmute both personal and environmental toxins, focusing on world healing. We work with universal core shamanism, energy and formlessness, divinity and shadow, intention and imagination, learning how to shift our perceptions and our state of consciousness on an ongoing basis. We also have a good time!

We are a committed, ongoing group. You need to know how to journey and have been introduced to the practice of transfiguration, to join us. We work and play with various methods of journeying, and explore how to formulate questions. We continually explore transfiguration and related Medicine for the Earth practices to transmute toxins inside and out. We apply these practices to places and issues in the world, exploring how to bear witness with equanimity and love.

If interested, please contact

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