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Dream a New Dream for the Earth With Us

Sonoma Shamanism
Mt. Diablo from Mt. Tamalpais

Sixth Annual Sacred Earth Shamanic Training Begins Fall 2016

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Weaving the connections between each other and all creatures, we move away from separateness and isolation.

Finding the points of harmony and balance in ourselves, we affect harmony in the world.

Sharing the beauty and radiance that the spirit world offers us, we illuminate our own souls and the world.

Listening to the profound silence of the interior light, we embody and walk the path of the shaman, the healer, and the mystic as we change the world.

Interested? Contact Meg

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Program Focus and Intent


The Sacred Earth Shamanic Apprenticeship program is dedicated to inspiring your vision and empowering your whole being as you find your spirit path in these challenging times. We focus on gathering power, connection, and wisdom by exploring and developing our ways of perceiving—physically, spiritually, energetically, and dimensionally; by embodying our practice; and by learning cosmologies and methodologies for healing.

Our focus is on creating a whole, integrated way of being and seeing in the world shamanically. As we deepen and expand the three layers of knowing and wisdom (physical, spiritual, energetic), it becomes possible to connect, repair, and reweave the grids and webs of life that support us all. As we shift our consciousness we are better able to greet world changes with equanimity and power.

We work with three interrelated perspectives:

The Andean (Q'ero/Inca) cosmovision perceives the living energy in everything and everyone, in relationship, and from the heart.

Healing with Spiritual Light and Medicine for the Earth provide ways of finding and being our essence, and transmuting the internal and external toxins that impede our spiritual work.

Core shamanism gives us universal, ancestral tools for creating relationship with the spirit realms, asking questions, and receiving guidance, healing, and assistance that is right for us as individuals. Since all has to be filtered and experienced through our hearts, then our bodies, such a practice complements what we learn from elders and teachers and validates (or not) the specific practices and perceptions appropriate to our individual path.

Cosmology describes culturally specific understanding of creation, destruction, power, forces of the universe, and human place. Exploring a particular indigenous cosmology (with the assumption that our western one isn’t functional!) offers pathways of wisdom for us to draw on and experience so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or the perception of the wheel. It provides a shortcut to a different vision. We are not talking about cultural theft, but rather sacred learning of what has been freely offered in the spirit of planetary and human evolution by the Q’ero people of the Andes.

What You Can Learn

Sonoma Shamanism
Mt. Diablo, Devil's Elbow

During your apprenticeship, you will experientially develop your abilities in the realms of healing, ceremony, spiritual empowerment, and alchemical transformation. Participating in the apprenticeship program will give you the opportunity to:

* Find your own power, radiance, wisdom, and joy.

* Explore the luminous threads of your destiny and the seeds of your own divinity.

* Receive the nine energetic transmissions of the Munay-Ki, in the lineage of the Q'ero people of the Andes, for protection, healing, and working with earth, mountain, stars and cosmos. These energetic seeds help us connect with the Earthkeepers of old, and grow into our ability to become "homo luminous."

* Work with sacred sites around the San Francisco Bay to develop coherent relationships and attunement with the middle world spirits of land, trees, elements, stones, ecosystems, plants, nature spirits, and ancestors. Learn how to deepen these relationships in meditation.

* Explore ceremony in many forms—spontaneous, traditional, indigenous, and spirit-designed—to learn how to weave the physical, spiritual, and energetic in reciprocity with the living beings who surround and support us.

* Learn to see and work more fully from your heart.

* Discover the power of your intent, the healing light of love and creation, and the silence and mystery of the cosmos.

* Learn how to see, feel, and apprehend the energies of place, and of people, and to balance and move energy as you find and step through the portals, or openings, into other dimensions. The profound method of Andean energetic healing you’ll learn incorporates opening, removing what does not belong, filling, and balancing.

Most often my apprenticeships are small groups, so we can easily shift and flow with your personal interests. Since we also meet with the larger Munay-Ki group, you have the advantages of both personal and group learning.

Questions, Requirements, and Refunds

To become an apprentice with Earth Caretakers, you need to have a clear intent; strong shamanic journeying skills; a solid working relationship with your helping spirits; and the ability to observe and be self-reflective. We ask that you make a commitment to the full year, being on time, and giving your all.

I highly recommend doing ceremony, taking a class, or doing some personal shamanic work with me before applying! If you have not worked with me before, you'll need to set up a personal appointment before applying. I'm very available for dialogue and ritual work in preparation.

I am honored by your interest. If you are unsure about whether this program is right for you, please consult your spirit helpers and dreams; follow your intuition; talk to me! The universe and I take your commitment seriously, and we trust you do, too. Due to the nature of the commitment required of apprentices, no refunds are offered.


Your application consists of one in-person meeting with me to discuss your shamanic experience and intent, as well as a written application. Both must be completed by 12/1/15. If you are not ready to apply by then, please speak to me about alternative timing.


We meet the fourth weekend each month, and other days by arrangement. This cycle allows space for practice, integration, and deepening. We spend about one-third of our time on the mountains and sacred sites around the Bay Area, hiking, exploring, doing ceremony, developing experiential and spiritual connections, and having easy dialogue. The other two-thirds we meet in Sonoma: receiving the nine Munay-Ki transmissions, hearing explanations of the Andean cosmovision, and learning shamanic, meditation and energy practices to grow and nurture the energetic seeds of Munay-Ki. You have reading assignments and homework throughout the year.

A Note on Personal Healing

While apprentices will have personally powerful experiences during the course of the program, and will explore issues of ego, self-doubt, shadow, and maintaining energy, it is not appropriate to seek personal healing as a primary focus within the apprenticeship program. If your focus is on personal healing, please see a qualified shamanic practitioner or therapist.

About Me As a Mentor

The profound exchange that happens when we can share what we are most excited about learning has always drawn me. As a young high school teacher in Washington DC, it became clear to me that the teacher learns more from the students than the other way around; my own teachers echo this. Another way of expressing this is that there is wisdom to be discovered and shared, but ego has no place in the classroom of the heart.

My heart always follows the path of working with energy, mountains, ancestors, earth, water, and star beings. I draw on profound teachings from Andean cosmovision, Medicine for the Earth, Healing with Spiritual Light, and core shamanism in my mentoring. The interrelationship of the five elements, both in our bodies and on the planet, continues to be a big teacher for me. I use movement meditations from many traditions to observe and embody elemental relationships that bring us into a unity consciousness. I believe that “world work” complements personal healing and is necessary for the survival of our world. You can learn a lot more about my views and practices by reading my blog and articles on the website.

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