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What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient, worldwide practice of engaging with spirit helpers and the forces of the natural world to develop relationships, solve problems, and perform healing.

Beside the ordinary world we live and breathe in are parallel, non-ordinary worlds, a universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream. It is these parallel worlds that shamans travel to in a visionary state to do their work.

As indigenous peoples have for thousands of years, we can use the shamanic journey and related practices of direct revelation to find our way back into harmony with the universe and our own souls, forging sacred, reciprocal relationships that nurture the planet.

What Is a Shamanic Practitioner?

A shamanic practitioner works in reciprocity with her spirit helpers, the elements, and the forces of the natural world. Combining intent, focus, and deep reverence, she uses the shamanic tools of journeying, ceremony, power objects, song, dance, drumming, and rattling in her work.

Traditionally the role of the shamanic practitioner was to help maintain balance in the world. This continues to be our essential function. A practitioner may focus on the healing of people, creatures, places on the earth, and/or issues that divide a community. The practices of soul retrieval, soul remembering, power animal retrieval, extraction healing, energy healing, psychopomp, sound healing, divination, and ceremony may be utilized for any of these focuses for healing.

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