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Earth Caretakers

Earth Caretakers is an organization dedicated to renewing and reweaving our interconnections with stars, trees, and stones; with cross-cultural wisdom and prophesy; and with our own bodies, souls, and spirits.

We believe that our consciousness and our understanding are deepened and enriched with embodied, experiential learning. Earth Caretakers sponsors participatory earth-honoring and ch'aska despacho ceremonies, drawing on ancestral wisdom to empower visioning and dreaming a future of balance, reciprocity, and harmony.
Workshops locally take place in Sonoma, north of San Francisco, or in your community. 

To arrange a ceremony or workshop in your community, get 20 folks together and call 707-933-6241 or email.

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Sonoma Shamanism
Oak Woodlands Sonoma Mountain, photo by Meg Beeler

"Thank you so much for your beautiful and always incredibly poignant newsletters...they are always timely and surprisingly linked to my own journey (even though the seasons are flipped)." --MG, Australia
"Thank you so much for the inspirational email. I have been working on only having positive thoughts and making better choices (eating better, getting outside more, not watching 'negative' TV). It really helps to be reminded that we are all connected and harmony does and exist." --DF
"Thank you for bringing us all together with the star despacho, including us in the work you do with the mountains, the earth, star energy, and hummingbird. It is comforting indeed to believe that the power of connectedness is greater than we know." --TT
"Your kindness and spiritual connection are inspiring and magnetic." --PL

"Thank you for the incredible and deeply healing work you did on me when I was so exhausted and in such physical distress. I fell asleep during your hands-on healing work, and when I woke up, I was no longer in pain." --CP

"I really, really, appreciate your gentle, thoughtful, loving, knowledgeable kindness and guidance during this entire soul retrieval process.  It has been life-changing for me." --BM

"I am so grateful to you as my teacher and for the beautiful inspiration you have brought to my life." --DO
Meg Beeler
Sonoma Shamanism
Meg with World Drum


Meg Beeler, MAT is an Energy Alchemy expert and shamanic practitioner in Northern California. She is the author of the forthcoming Living in the Heart of the Universe: Expanding Your Relationship with Earth and the Cosmos.

Meg has been exploring the Andean cosmovision for twenty years, translating ancient indigenous wisdom into experiential, earth- and nature-based practices for moving your energy and deepening your connection with everything alive. A transformation mentor, she helps you reconnect with your love, vision, and power; she guides you into finding your lightness of being. She is the founder of Earth Caretakers.

Meg has studied with a number of shamanic teachers:

- Sandra Ingerman (soul retrieval, Medicine for the Earth, and healing with spiritual light)

- Alberto Villoldo (Munay-Ki)

- Américo Yábar, Jose Luis Herrera, and Virginia Anderson (energy and light body healing, Q'ero cosmology, and Andean shamanism)

- Agustin Rivas (plant spirit medicine)

- Jill Purce (Mongolian overtone chanting)

- Joanna Macy (Council for All Beings, Despair and Empowerment)

- Reclaiming Collective and Meadow (ceremony, wicca and trance)

- S.N. Goenka (Vipassana meditation)

- Foundation for Shamanic Studies (core shamanism, spirits of nature)

Meg is a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. She is a member of Pathways Foundations for Peace and Healing and Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

A naturalist, writer, and artist, Meg writes a monthly blog, "Shifting Consciousness News," offering both practical and mystical ways to shift consciousness on the mental, spiritual, and energetic levels. She is also a photographer (most of the photos on this site are hers), gardener, and Mom. In previous careers she has been a small business owner and technical writing consultant, a paralegal, and a teacher of high school and community college. Meg has a BA from UC Berkeley and an MAT from Antioch University.

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