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Shamanism: Weaving Connections, Shifting Consciousness

Weaving the connections between each other and all creatures, we move away from separateness and isolation.

Sharing the beauty and radiance that the spirit world offers us, we illuminate the world and our own souls.

Finding the points of harmony and balance in ourselves, we affect harmony in the world.

Listening to the profound silence of the interior light, we can walk the path of the shaman, the healer, and the mystic as we change the world.

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Sonoma Shamanism
Andromeda Galaxy, photo by Robert Gendler,

"To become human one must make room in oneself for the immensities of the Universe."

As we move through the challenging transitions of these times, we have wonderful opportunities for shifting our consciousness, coming into balance with the earth, and changing spiritual awareness.

In this time of purification, transformation, and hope, we are coming together as prophesied: the heart of the South and mind of the North; the condor of the South and eagle of the North; heaven and earth. Together, we are visioning and creating the future we want to inhabit!

How can we walk together on the path of heart and the way of peace?

The experiential workshops, healing, energetic transmissions, ceremony, and writing offered by Earth Caretakers are dedicated to inspiring your vision and empowering your whole being. May you find your divine essence and your shimmering beauty as you walk the spirit path in these challenging times!

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