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Disaster Preparedness for People and Pets: Find out what supplies you need in a 72hr disaster kit
CDC-Center for Disease Control: A-Z of Hazard Preparedness
The Humane Society: Make an Emergency Kit For Your Pets
ASPCA: PET Disaster Preparedness-Know What To Do
Parents & Teachers: Talking to Kids About Challenging Subjects

Surgical Web Sites & Blogs 
Skeptical Scalpel  #1 on my list! A must read.

Emergency Medical Service Web Sites:

Humor is Powerful Medicine:
My Funny Books:  Read "My Funny Major Medical" cause I'm in it!
Emergency Laughter Blog: You Can't Be Serious! Karen Lee's Newsletter & Humor for Caregivers
Authentic Medicine: The former Placebo Journal

Writers and Authors Web Sites & Resources:
Ann Rule: Seattle Native & New York Times Bestselling Author
Linton Robinson:  Novelist, Journalist, Editor, All-around Nice Guy
Our USA Magazine: Submit Stories to this Beautiful Magazine
Mark Coker:  Founder of Smashwords

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