Some People’s Lives
“Moira Danis’ most complex and artistically mature offering to date. The material is filled with delights and discoveries, her interpretations explore a broad spectrum of attitudes and emotions with intelligence, sensitivity, and lovely singing, and the show makes marvelously effective use of the three accompanists. On every level, a pleasurable and rewarding experience.”

Roy Sander, BistroAwards

“Keen intelligence, especially thoughtful interpretations and vocal variety — with superb accompaniment — combined to make Moira Danis' new show of choice material an excellent choice for the discerning cabaret-goer… This is cabaret at its best: songs as character pieces, performed by someone who can act the lyrics as well as sing sublimely, with many colors… Moira generously shares the spotlight with her talented musicians — all of whom also sing, allowing for striking harmonies and some solo moments… As the show came close to a close, the singer referred to the lives portrayed in the collection of portraits of Some People's Lives, commenting, "There's still one character left:.....Me." And she sang with delicacy and passion about not wanting to be "Unknown." She won't be to those who are known for their taste, as she and her team are.” more>

Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes

“This show is smart from head to toe…The show starts with a STUNNING a capella rendition of Janis Ian/Kye Fleming's "Some People's Lives" and, by-the-by, all 3 gentlemen on stage, Wells, Ben and Brian can SING! These harmonies were tight and gorgeous and backed up Moira beautifully…this was a very impressive show.” more>

Sue Matsuki, CabaretHotlineOnline

The Greatest Show On Earth
“Classically trained lyric soprano Moira Danis used a circus theme to explore the joys and heartaches of life in her new show The Greatest Show on Earth at Don’t Tell Mama. With consummate artistry, Danis structured her act with very short but pointed narratives about her lifelong infatuation with the circus… Danis’ "Send In the Clowns" was gently acted but what was surprisingly revealing was how purely she sang it, especially on the last word of the song, effortlessly ascending up the scale into a pure sustained high note like nobody else ever has before.” more>

Joe Regan, Jr., Cabaret Scenes

Beautiful Sounds – The Songs of Petula Clark
“The wholesome-looking Danis…possesses a clear, light lyric soprano that gracefully touches the ear.  (Her) obvious enthusiasm for the material and delightful vocals…make for a very enjoyable evening.” more>

Michael Dale, BroadwayWorld

I Wish
"Her voice is a lovely instrument, expansively expressive, always in control, with a broad and subtle vibrato she employs for dramatic effect...will damn near levitate anyone who responds to excellence of song and singer." more>

Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Magazine

I Wish It So
“…she is a classically trained lyric soprano who has developed into a fine jazz influenced singer who can break your heart, make you laugh and move you in an emotionally filled program of songs from Broadway and the American songbook to some of today’s contemporary songwriters.” more>

Gregg Culling, CabaretSingers

Double Rainbow
“Moira Danis has a sweet soprano…Adriana Caselotti supersonic notes…there’s a comedienne raring to surface as a combination of Virginia O’Brien and Yma Sumac.”

David Finkle, Back Stage

First Childhood
“…her gentle kindness permeates this show…an hour of cozy comfort, charming tunes and fine vocals.”

Stu Hamstra, CabaretHotlineOnline