Moira Danis: Some People's Lives

Moira Danis: Some People's Lives
An encore performance to celebrate our Bistro Award.

Moira with Wells Hanley, Parker Scott and Andre Montgomery performing "Anyone who loves" and "Some People's Lives"
Moira with Wells Hanley, Parker Scott and Andre Montgomery performing Anyone Who Loves and Some People's Lives.
Photo by Alden Fulcomer.

Bistro Awards Show
Some People’s Lives - recipient of the 2013 Bistro Award for Outstanding Recording.

Moira Danis: Some People's Lives
CD Release Party for Some People’s Lives.

Moira Danis: Some People's Lives
Some People’s Lives provides a glimpse into the lives of those around us – friends, lovers, relatives, and strangers. Each has a unique story to be told and using a delightful and emotional mix of songs by established writers like Stephen Sondheim, Cy Coleman, Tommy Wolf and Jimmy Webb and relatively new artists like Sara Bareilles, Susan Werner and Chely Wright, Moira shines a light on the connections that exist between us and the similarities shared by “Anyone Who Loves”.

Moira Danis with Mike Stromme
Moira, Ally Taylor and Parker Scott were special guests in Michael Stromme's performance of It's About Time! at the Duplex in New York City.

Moira Danis: The Greatest Show On Earth
An evening of the songs of Scott Evan Davis features the composer as well as Ellyn Marsh (Cry-baby and Priscilla Queen of the Desert), Kate Pazakis (Jerry Springer the Opera at Carnegie Hall, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), Nicole Johndrow (Cats national tour, The Full Monty), Moira Danis, Joshua Dixon, Vicky Modica, Erik Sisco, Kristin Wilson, Blair Taylor, Madeline Emerick and Jaime Ziedman.

Moira Danis: The Greatest Show On Earth
CD Release Party for Beautiful Sounds – The Songs of Petula Clark

Moira Danis: The Greatest Show On Earth
The Greatest Show On Earth
uses the metaphor of the circus to explore the joys and heartache of life, love and that old stand-by, the pursuit of happiness.

Gerry Geddes Presents
Beautiful Sounds – a loving tribute to the remarkable career of Petula Clark as a singer, a songwriter, and an actress – touched on all aspects of her art, from the recording studio to television to Hollywood and to the stage, and included both well-known and rare songs. 

Moira taught a CD Production Seminar with Nancy Stearns at the Helen Baldassare Cabaret Performance Workshop in New York City.

Gerry Geddes Presents
Moira shared the stage with Esther Beckman, Richard Rodney Bennett, Frank Fontana and Trudi Mann as part of the “Last Hurrah” series at Danny’s Skylight Room in New York City.

In collaboration with music director Wells Hanley and director Frank Fontana, Moira presented a program entitled I Wish It So which she described as a collection of songs that tells of wishes, hopes and dreams. Audience response was so strong that Moira was prompted, just two weeks later, to go into the studio and record all the songs for her debut CD, entitled I Wish. Photo by Eric Stephen Jacobs.

In October of 2004, Moira performed in Westchester County at the beautiful Crabtree's Historic Kittle House. Moira's performance was the highlight of a tremendously successful fundraiser to benefit the Byram Hills Education Foundation.

In Double Rainbow, Moira
explored and celebrated the impact of Latin American rhythms and cultural elements of 20th century composers and artists in the United States. The show highlighted the Latin influences on popular music standards, Tin Pan Alley novelty songs and rarely performed, classically inspired serenades, from the songbooks of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ernesto Lecuona, Maria Grever and others. Her beautiful voice, accomplished style, and sensitivity to this unique blend of materials left her audiences with an appreciation of the life-affirming and soul-soothing elements that have contributed to this extraordinarily diverse musical catalogue. Photo by Frank Fontana.

In First Childhood, Moira explored the formative years through a mix of stories, memories and music. As an elementary school music teacher, Ms. Danis encounters, and sometimes regresses to the territory of a child’s world every day. She conjured the qualities of childhood shared by us all, using experience as a guide and including songs by R. Kelly, Jimmy Webb, Carly Simon and Stephen Sondheim.

Moira Danis made her solo debut with music by Berlin, Gershwin, Sondheim and Bricusse. Special Guest, Mark Danis joined her on stage for duets. Photo by James J. Kriegsmann, Jr.