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A Chaffey Family

Eleven generations of a Chaffey family from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

This is intended to tell you a little more about us and the compilation we have created. For the past six years we have been collecting and synthesizing information about the Chaffey family and entering it into our Macintosh computer's data base using the Reunion program. The information comes mainly from other Chaffey family members, each of whom had collected facts about relatives closest to them. We call our work a "Compilation" because, simply stated, we have tried to put it all together, connecting the contributing people to each other and trying to create a larger family overview.

Download complete PDF file (4.5 megs)

Who are we? We are Chaffey family members who, after retirement, became interested in doing this. We have done all the work ourselves. We are not professional writers, archivists, or editors.

We personally visited sites of Chaffey interest in eastern Ontario, Canada, Victoria and South Australia in Australia, California and Pennsylvania in the United States. Family members gave us personally developed family trees, pictures, Bible references, Church records of births, deaths, baptisms and marriages in England as well as in the above places. We found or were sent newspaper and magazine articles, obituary notices, and on-line records. These, added to our own files, provided the basis for this compilation.