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King of Kings Lutheran Church
For the Birds Rehabilitation Foundation
Welcome to Phoenix Public Library
Welcome to BMG Music Services Online
Coleman Family Page

Bizarre sites Radio Channel: Art Bell
Children's Past Lives
Kairos: Welcome
Compassion In Action (Dannion Brinkley)
The Art Bell Web Page presents: Art Bell Live
Welcome to Berkeley Psychic Institute
Adventures Beyond the Body
A.R.E.® Inc.
Edgar Evans Cayce - Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited
The North American Science Institute
Father Malachi Martin's Home Page
Uri Geller on-line
UFO Update AZ & For The Good Of All
Richard Noone
Andromeda Group Home
{ f r a y } w e l c o m e
A Celebration of "In Search Of..."
{ f r a y } c r i m i n a l
Welcome to the Earthpulse Press
Beyond ....The Black Stump
Strange Magazine Web Site
The Monastery of Christ in the Desert
The Farsight Institute
Reverse Speech
Crop Circles of 1998
Crop Circles of 1997
The Enterprise Mission
PEAR Inc. Home Page
Welcome to the Communion Homepage


Art Bell - Hale-Bopp Companion

Medieval Sites

Distant Caravans Homepage
James the Boastful's Web page index
The PSC Medieval Society Official Home Page

Hot Sites

Just Music and Videos - Contests and Sweepstakes Net Links
MovieBytes - Screenwriting Contests & Markets Online
Mr. Mom's Web Site
The Bird Nest

Suzi's misc.

How to spot a mad cow
GOALS: Global Online Adventure Learning Site
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Personal Web Pages

Kim Miller's Hobie Cat Sailing Pages
Dr. Laura
Project Cool: Coolest on the Web
HED George's company
Trigbaun's Page
Manthey 50th Wedding Anniversary
Woody's page
WBaker1075's Home Page
WBaker1075's Home Page 2
Coleman Family Web Page
Great Ideas For Improving Your Church Sound System
Michael Jacoby's Site
The Ken Hamblin Home Page
Taslim Chaudhury's Golden page of links!!
Mirabilis LTD. - ICQ World Wide Pager
Trishan's Page of OZ
Robert Malecki's homepage.
The Virtual Kommunalka
You want to know me ?
Privatpension Haus Alrun
Ltza luck's Home Page
Home Page
The Rowland Family Web Site
in the midst
House Rabbit Society Home Page and Rabbit Care Guide
Brain Candy
Michael's Favorite Website


Antiques World - Antiques and Collectibles for Sale
Animated Musical Greeting Card Store - for your birthday and holiday needs
Welcome To Hallmark
Infoseek: Fred Meyer
Earthling Bookshop


The El Camino Resource Page
Hotcars Members' Homepage

Coupon sitess

Click On Coupons
SuperMarkets Online's ValuPage


12 Reasons to Join EarthLink Sprint
EarthLink Home Page
EarthLink - Disk Space and Network Traffic
EarthLink - POP Phone # Locator

Golf stuff


N64: Soon to be IGN64
Games Domain - The Gamer's Voice
Broderbund Software, Inc.
The Official Riven Web Site
Aboard Puzzle Depot: Trivia, Puzzles and Games For Education or Recreation!
Play some Boggle
Club Kasparov
The Gamer's Pub/ The Gamer's Alliance

HandiLinks To Golf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Golf, Golf
GOLFonline -- Golf news, golf tips, and golf resources from GOLF Magazine


The Center for Chihuahua Exploitation
Alar Pardla Joke Collection - Main page
Adam's Steven Wright Page
Stupid Frog Jokes
Cartoon Factory
Frog Jokes
"Earthworm Jim"
LaughingBird's Mega tips
Welcome to Bob's Fridge Door from Cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld
Sherman's Lagoon Home Page
The Dilbert Zone

Misc. Interests

Now entering the SpyMaster's Lair...
International Mothers Hall of Fame
Scuba Diving
Mariam's Story Park

Movies & Moviestars


TV & TV Stars

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction
original series episode listing
PBS Online
Welcome to Greet Street: Home of E-greetings Pix Digital Postcards
Welcome to UltimateTV
Welcome to TV.COM

Information Technology

WebsiteResources.Com - Free Scripts, Applets, and CGIs! 1000s of links plus online articles!
Webmonkey: html: All about HTML Email
WebsiteResources.Com - Link Listing: javascripts: mouse over
WebWave Designs
***Look at the graphics! Kidfavorites The best sites for kids on the web


Website Resources - Password Proecting a Website
WebsiteResources.Com - Free Scripts, Applets, and CGIs! 1000s of links plus online articles!
Website Resources - Pull Down Menu - CGI Redirector
WebsiteResources.Com - Link Listing: javascripts: pull down surfing

Cyberia Systems - Professional and Affordable Web Design and Internet Marketing - Windows Development
Dougie's Color Picker
SCSI or Parallel?
My Netscape
NetConstruct - The Internet Construction Company
Join our Global Family Network'
Background Images

Visual Basic Resources

Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
Visual Basic live
Inside Visual Basic - US Preview Issue Offer
VB Tips and Tricks
Menu Frame for the Visual Basic Resource Index!
Joe Garrick's World of Visual Basic

Global Exposure Internet Consultants
Triaxis Imagery Virtual Prototyping
ASCII Character Set
Go Arizona - Low Cost, No hassle Web Sites
Jomax Technologies - State of the Art High Performance Web Sites!
Black Bean web designers
article on email
Welcome to the Association of Christian Web Authors
Testimony of Bruce H. Hall
No Title
Standard Template Library
Practice: free software and commercial packages


Pat's Pointer to Object Oriented Everything
Jim Robinson: Computer Languages


Creating gif animations
GIF Animation on the WWW

Index to Object-Oriented Information Sources
Java Developer Connection Home Page
The Java(tm) Development Kit
Women and Computer Science
Metro Information Services - An Information Technology Consulting Services Company

IT class


July 97 Troubleshooting Professional Magazine: Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Resources - Cyberdyne Object Systems - Home Of Object Oriented FAQ - Object FAQ
Motivation: Why Object Oriented Programming?
Introduction to the Booch Method
Object-Oriented Programming
C++ Annotations Version 4.3.1a
OO Design Web Reference Home Page

Cisco - Packet Services
Networking Fundamentals - Unit 1
Wide Area Networking
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ZD InfoBeads
ZD InfoBeads
ZD InfoBeads
ZD Market Intelligence Home Page, a leading source of fact-based information on computer and communications industry trends,product developments and buyer activity.
Macworld Online
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Software:Operating Systems
username SLColeman
password hope
CNET Reviews - Comparative Reviews - CNET reviews 5 alternative operating systems - Before you switch
BugNet Home Page
Snap!:Computing & the Internet:Software:Operating Systems
Arizona Computer Science: Home Page
Windows Magazine: PC Tips, News & Reviews
Dell Dimension XPS D Specifications and Options
Direction Desktop Systems
NEC Direction SPL266
Microsoft Museum Past & Present Exhibit: Introduction
PC Magazine: PC Tech (XML: A Second Chance for Web Markup)
Spec to bring TV-like content to Net
Microsoft Broke Promise Asserts Justice Department
Microsoft TechNet ITHome - Year 2000
Microsoft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to Microsoft
ZD Net AnchorDesk: Computer Issues and Futures
Microsoft Research Home Page
Microsoft Broke Promise Asserts Justice Department
Microsoft Museum Exhibits
Microsoft Museum

PrideAmerica - PrideAmerica,Long Distance,Pagers,Internet,MLM,
Chris Zagar
Information Systems Meta-List

Windows Here's How: Troubleshoot Windows Fatal Exception Errors

Computer Magazines

PC Magazine Online
PC Magazine - PC Tech: Solutions
BYTE Magazine

OS info

OS/2 Warp Connect, Windows 95 and NT: A Brief Comparison
ColoradOS/2 1996 - Paul Giangarra
Imaglio comparison of OS
The Linux resource exchange - Operating systems comparison
Operating System Comparison

HTML stuff

Dougie's Color Picker
The Greatest Color Utility 98
Join GeoCities: Free Homepages
Welcome to XOOM!
WebCom - The Leading Web Site Host Service
The HTML Writers Guild
Wonderful Women of the Web: Designing Women
CNET features - how to - make some noise!
CKWS - Tools
Creating Killer Websites Online - Core Page
Wallpapers - Desktop Themes, FREE Wallpapers, Wallpapers, Orginial Art, and more..
EarthLink - Learning More
Affordable Web Hosting and Design Services -- Q-Host
BPC 133 CA
Stationery Index - Vol. I
HTML Reference Manual
Web Color Charts plus Links
Higher Source - Web Site Design And Programming
The Icon Palace
Paul's Grayscale Background Textures
Web Design Gallery
how to get a free home page
Opera Software - Bringing speed, fun and quick results back into Internet browsing
BUILDER.COM - Web Authoring - Stupid Web tricks - Build better buttons
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
WebTechs Validation Service
Brian Hall: ColorServe Java
RGBtoHex: an RGB to Hexidecimal Color Converter
RGB HEX Triplet Color Chart
HTML Bad Style Page
Online Classes


Laureate Learning Systems - Special Needs and Language Development Software

Charitable Orgs

Local Independent Charities
Hugs For Homeless Animals
Welcome to March of Dimes
March of Dimes Update
CBBB: Philanthropic Advisory Servic
CBBB Philanthropic Advisory Service Reports: Index
Newborns in Need, Inc. - A Charity For Babies

Tomatis Home Page
Sound Listening & Learning Center™ -
Re: ADHD/CAPD Research Study
Dyslexia and Learning Disorders
What is Theraputic Listening?
Special Education Resource and Service
The Special Ed Advocate - Special Education Law
Parenting: Pediatric Eye Care, Children's Vision Impairments -- Strabismus, Lazy Eye, Esotropia, Exotropia, Exophoria, Esophoria, Convergence Insufficiency, Accommodative, Hyperopia, Esotropia, Hyperopia
"Eye Exercises, Vision Therapy, Visual Training, Eye Training, Visual Perception, 3-D Visual Training"
What is AIT?
No More Ritalin-Treating ADHD Without Drugs, A Mother's Journey/A Physician's Approach
Running on Ritalin is Lawrence Diller's new book on Ritalin use in America
Balanced Parenting - Divorce, school violence, ADD, ritalin
DEA Warns of Ritalin® Abuse; Drug Manufacturer's Contributions to Advocacy Group Investigated
Prenatal Sonograms -- Dr. Greene's HouseCalls -- pediatric wisdom for the information age
The Instant Access Treasure Chest for foreign language teachers & ld's
TaxTime '99
A Comparison of EEG Biofeedback and Psychostimulants
Law and Order: Garrett Memorandum

Prenatal drug info

Karen's Preterm Labor Drugs Web Site
Clinical Teratology Web Site
Terbutaline Sulfatea
Terbutaline warnings

ADD/CAPD info 7-99

Ritalin articles Teen abuse of Ritalin taking root in Indiana
Keeping a Lid on Ritalin
Student.Com: Members: Ritalin Abuse Skyrockets
"FAQ: Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, ADD, ADD-ADHD, ADD/ADHD, AD(H)D, ADHD

NDRF- The National Dysautonomia Research Foundation
Learning Disabilities Association of America
Lab #7 -- Auditory and Vestibular Systems
December 1998 PedTalk List Archives: RE: [APR] CAPD & ADHD/ADD
Mastering Memory Program - improves auditory & visual memory
Communication Disorder
Children's Rights- Henry Helps Home Page for Children's Rights -Children's Rights, children, children's, rights, child, conferences, information, articles, ADD, ADHD, ADD ADHD, human development, human rights, women, UNICEF, United Nations, missing, kidnapping, Ritalin, help, kid, stories, abused, missing, neglected, non-profit, nonprofit, incest, sexual offenders, sex, abuse, pedophile, adolescent, abused, Henry Helps, help me, links, abuse, spanking, child abuse, hitting, talking, reference, chat, love, friends, we help, care, drugs, against ritalin, denmark, articles
Violent Children:
Monart -About Mona Brooks
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
The Council for Exceptional Children
Learning Disabilities Association of America
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Home Page
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Home Page

Animal Sites

Bird Stuff

AzTeC Freenet Access from Tucson
Maricopa Audubon Society
Ornithological Resources
MAS Arizona Birding On-line
Bird Rehabilitation Centers
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Animal health, well-being and rights
Bird Handlers
Bird Rescue Groups
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Animal health, well-being and rights
TARA (Tucson Avian Rescue & Adoption)
Oasis Sanctuary Foundation
Zoos.Com - Zoo Links and Information
CAUZ Network - Birds

Pets Decision Guide - Start
Discovery Online, Animal Cams
FAIR: Saving Pets in Tucson and Pima County, Arizona
BLM Wild Horse and Burro Internet Adoption
Chow Chows for adoption in Arizona
R.E.S.C.U.E. Adoptions - Adopt a Cat or Dog in Arizona
Arizona Animal Rescues | Your Online Resource for Adoptions and Rescues
Arizona Online Pet Resources
Arizona Humane Society
Pet Links Page
Animal Rescue and Adoption Agency in Sun City Arizona

Audio Sites

KUAC-FM sound clips


The World of EPSON
Domain Name Lookup
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive

Freeware, shareware sites

Simtel.Net Worldwide Shareware Distribution Network

Build Your Own PC!
Debs Home PC Help Page-Help for Ordinary PC Users
PC Performance and Upgrade Tips
AOL Instant Messenger
NetBITS: JavaScript Yourself Anonymous
PhoneFree Internet Telephone Home Page Virus killers for 1998
Computer City Internet
CompUSA Online
PROVANTAGE - Discount Computer Products
NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
Data recovery by Excalibur Data Recovery
Mirabilis LTD. - ICQ Interest Groups - Main
Cyber Exchange of Arizona
PC Magazine Reviews - Color Scanners
PC Magazine Online
Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic - We make computers easy!
Driver Finder

Hardware Sites and Info

ACSI Bulk Inks - Inkjet Ink by the Pint
Educational Software Institute News
SuperKids Software Review of Tonka Garage.

Software Sites

Special Deals on Blaster Software
Broderbund Products
Welcome to CompUSA Online!
Get Juno Now
Welcome to RealMedia !
Download Quickseek
HomeSite for Windows 95 - Download
Welcome to RealAudio !
Apple QuickTime VR Home
The One-Stop Shareware Shop User Login
SafeSurf Home Page
Juno: Free Internet E-mail Service
Welcome to Surplus Direct - Your Source for Low Cost Hardware and Software
CompUSA Online
Mijenix Software Library
PowerPoint Q/A, Tips & Tricks
EarthLink - Web Icons
SyQuest Technology Incorporated
The Internet Link Exchange: Home
EarthLink Network Home Page
Welcome to Netscape
Broderbund Software, Inc.
Information on WinSite package


Mirabilis LTD. - Network Status
Mirabilis LTD. - Download ICQ


Instant Messenger | Registration
AOL Instant Messenger | Welcome!

Consumer Info

The Internet Coupons Directory - Grocery Coupons
Edmund's ® Automobile Buyer's Guide - pricing, reviews, information on incentives & rebates, developments in the automotive world.
Better Business Bureau Business and Charity Reports
Consumer Resource Handbook Pages 31-70
Dillard Tickets
Kelley Blue Book
The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada
HHS Consumer Information on the Internet
Americans For Fair Taxation


Arizona NARI - Membership Information
Arizona Builders Connection
Contractors/New Home Builders, Arizona
National Contractors - B and L Painting - Painting Contractors
New Home Builders
Linking Procedures
Arizona Contractors Association

Family Sites


VA Regional Office Phoenix Home Page
VA Regional Office Internet Links Veterans Administration ( VA ) Guide, Information and Assistance
Geographic Nameserver
Vital Records Information for United States (birth, death or marriage certificate) - Nevada Genealogy Resources
Structure of Social Security Numbers
Social Security Numbers Explained
NavyOnLine Home Page
U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation: Home Page
Navy FAQ: Logs and Muster Rolls
Military Personnel Records - NPRC(MPR)
Navy FAQ: Locating Records of Personnel
ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry
Cyndi's List - LDS & Family History Centers
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Dinwiddie County Virginia Genealogy
Berks County, PA Genealogy
DIGGING UP BONES Batten Family Genealogy
Amsden Genealogy UK
Genealogy of the Aikman & Mays Families
Genealogy of the Aikman & Mays Families: COLEMAN Family
Family History #2
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, World Wide Web (WWW), homepage
Vital Records
The State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Genealogy Research with Death Records - Genealogy Records by
National Genealogical Society
Tropical penguin GENEALOGY
The Seeker Magazine: Add Your Own Listing
RAND Genealogy Club
GENEALOGY GATEWAY - Powerforum Plus+ Pro (
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Internet FamilyFinder
WhoWhere? Communities - Combination Search
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Find Family
Rice Lake Area Chamber of Commerce - Chamber of Commerce
Kindred Konnections Genealogy and Family History
Genealogy: Ultimate Family Tree
Dickinson County, 1994 Michigan County Clerks Genealogy Directory
State Archives of Michigan, Michigan Historical Center
Shipmate Search
The Alexander Wiltse Memorial Library
Navy Reunions
Welcome to Nautilus Base
USSVI-United States Submarine Veterans Inc
Welcome to Reclaiming My Roots
Reunions Online Adoption Registry
Birthparents Searching
New Database
Sheri's Adoption Reunion Registry
Home Page
Free Registries
Lost Connections
Ohio Birth Relatives Searching
"The Definitive Adoption Links Page"
Find People Fast - Success Stories
AHHA! Find People Fast, Find Friends, Find Lost Loves,  Find Missing Persons Searches
Message Added: Looking for my half-sister I've not met

Game Sites

Happy Puppy's Cheat Pages

Frugal living

Frugal Living Online Magazine - Go with the FLO
Miserly Moms


Parenting: PARENTS PLACE.COM LiveChat for Parents
Parenting: Child Care
More Tips on Parenting
Parenting Tips
The Parenting Community: PARENTS PLACE.COM, Parenting, Parents, Baby -- the parenting resource center on the web. Keywords: parenting, parents, baby, family, kids, kids chat, parenting chat, support for new and expectant parents, grandparents, parents of teens and more - Run by two stay at home parents

Children's sites

Kids mysteries: for Kids: mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests
Kidfavorites The best sites for kids on the web
The Chapek Kid's Page
Children's PlayRoom
Kid's Stuff!
Links for Stories and More
WebTime Stories with Webster the Spider for Little Webcrawlers
IPL Story Hour
Disney - Home Page
Neuroscience for Kids
Learn to Read Music with NoteCard
Ruprecht's Haunted House Introduction
Welcome to Goosebumps!
Capricho - Free Interactive, educational software for Kids

Christina's links

Kelsey's Links
Wild America
Celebsite: Leonardo DiCaprio Best Sites

Marine Biology

So You Want to Become a Marine Biologist...
Marine Discovery Centre Community and Holiday program
EnviroLink Library - Marine Biology
Duke Marine Laboratory Location and Natural Environment
Department of Biology Home Page
Duke University Undergraduate Admissions
MMSC: Marine Mammal Resources
Marine Species: Listed by subject, Page by Wesley R. Elsberry
NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute homepage
Focus on Marine Biology
Other K-12 Resources about Oceanography
Ocean Planet: Popular Science for Kids - Shark Doc
Sample Careers in Science Fields
What path will you follow?: student activities
Careers & Jobs in Marine Biology & Oceanography
I want to be a Marine Biologist
What's a Biological Oceanographer?
Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UCSD Marine Biologist Honored by the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
Careers in the Marine Sciences
careers in marine science

Jac's links

The Arctic Wolves Expedition

David's Links

C3: Spice Girls - The Official Site!
R. L. Stine !!!
MathMemory Home Page
New Jersey Online: Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Live From The Rainforest
The Magic School Bus Fun Place

Orion's Folder

Power To Create
Teletubbies on PBS


Banks and Credit Unions

Smiths Food & Drug Credit Union
Wells Fargo Home Page

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Stocks and Financial sites

Stock and Mutual Fund Quotes - Free stock quotes, market research and mutual fund information and more. - Free stock quotes, market research and mutual fund information and more.
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
Securities Act of 1933

Government Sites

Tax Info

Forms And Publications - IRS
Arizona Department of Revenue - Tax Forms and Tax Information System

Political Sites

Republican National Committee

Patent Information

Databases: Patent, Bibliographic, and AIDS
Disclosure Document Program
STO's Internet Patent Search System
U.S. Copyright Office Home Page
US Patent and Trademark Office Home Page

State of Arizona government sites

Write Your Representative - Lookup Representative
Self-Service Center
State of Arizona WWW
Arizona Department of Commerce
Arizona Software Association

City Government Sites

Phoenix, Arizona City Pages

Federal Sites

The Federal Web Locator
U.S. Department of Energy Home Page
Federal Government Gopher Sites
HOME PAGE : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
NIH Health Information Index

Legal sites

AZ law info

Arizona Tax Forms Online
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
[ALIS Home Page]
Arizona Revised Statutes Link Page

23-1501 - Severability of employment relationships; protection from retaliatory discharges; exclusivity of statutory remedies in employment

Fed law info

EEOC Home Page
National Labor Relations Board
U.S. Disability Law
Forms And Publications - IRS

General Law info

Free research on court cases
Court TV Small Business Law Center
Justice: How to lay claim to your stake in small claims court

Legal Documents, Contracts and Law Documents Preparation On the Internet. Legal forms, contracts, leases, will, living trusts, and real estate agreements produced interactively on the net. Legal document advice, law forms, legal documents provided, legal documents explained, law forms explained, no legal counseling, no law practice, no legal advice

Government Documents on Freedom

Library of Congress Home Page
The U. S. Bill of Rights
The Constitution of the United States: Transcription
The Declaration of Independence: Transcription
Transcription: The Bill of Rights

Job Hunting

MarketCenter Technologies, Inc.
Cybergold - Your Site for Cash, Rebates, and Sweepstakes: Membership is Free
Databases: Patent, Bibliographic, and AIDS
Make Money
Editor's Choice
TSR Training Manual (on-line)
Mid-Atlantic Telecommuting Advisory Council
Telecommuter Central - Managing Telecommuters
June Langhoff's Telecommuting Resource Center
Gil Gordon Associates - Gil Gordon/Telecommuting
StudyWeb- Job Acknowledgement
WAHM Business Opportunities
!A Work From Home Jobs Telecommuting Freelance Small Business Resource
WAHM Business Opportunities
Hartman Report, Telecommuting Positions
Additional Job Sources Frameset
Net-Temps Job Posting Service
ZDTips - MSDN Bridge Page
Web Designer Telecommuting Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities at Hall Kinion
Jobs For Programmers - Job Search
JFP - Telecommute Programming Jobs
Jobs For Programmers (employment for developers and programmers)
Best Jobs U.S.A.
Career Center on the Web
USAJOBS - United States Office Of Personnel Management
Jobs and Careers Online Network , jobs, resumes, recruiters, jobs online, careers network
AAHBB Home Page
DICE | High Tech Jobs | A computer consulting job search and employment database | Thousands of Jobs Online | | DICE job jobs positions consulting computer openings recruiting consultants want-ads opportunities search
The Work From Home Jobs Digest --Home
America Gets the Job With Volt Services Group!
Ed Grether's Job-Related Resources Page
Volt Services Group
Selection of Jobs, Starting Up FAQ - Gil Gordon/Telecommuting


Telecommuter's Digest Home Page
Do You Want to Telecommute? - Gil Gordon/Telecommuting
Do You Want to Telecommute? - Gil Gordon/Telecommuting
Gil Gordon Associates - Gil Gordon/Telecommuting
Web Site Design , Chicago IL, Unlocked, Inc.
CareerWeb, jobs, careers, resumes, computers, engineering, resume database, jobs database, books, bookstore, advice, mosaic, monster
Welcome to Big Planet's Home Page
Telecommuting Jobs/Employment Available
Telecommuting Centers
JFP Resources
Telecommuting Jobs. Employment Brought Home.
JFP - Telecommute Programming Jobs
Jobs For Programmers (employment for developers and programmers)

JOBS Database
The International Salary Calculator: relocation, cost of living, real estate
CAUSE Job Posting Service
Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs on HeadHunter.NET
JobHunt: On-Line Job Meta-List
Preparing Your Resume
CareerWeb, jobs, careers, resumes, computers, engineering, resume database, jobs database, books, bookstore, advice, mosaic, monster
How To Write An Electronic Resume
Job Search Guides:The Riley Guide
The Online Job Application: The Riley Guide

Music - Country Music, Racing, Outdoors, TNN, CMT
Free On-Line Piano Lessons
'N SYNC -Online ~ We got it. You want it.
BMG Music Service
Reba Review
Shania Twain
Yahoo! - Entertainment:Music:Artists
Boyz II Men main screen
Alabama - The Offical On-line home of Wild Country!!
Alabama - Tour Itinerary
The Official Bryan White Homepage
Welcome To The H.O.M. Page

Real Estate

Arizona By Owner -- Home Search
Russ Lyon Realty - Arizona Points of Interest
MCOArizona Realestate
New Home Concepts


Art Sites


Wildlife Survivors Page
YORK Photo Home Page

Artists pages Presents The Thomas Kinkade Virtual Art Gallery
Debra Yaun Home Page
Susan E. Russell- "Your Personal Artist"
A Great Gift for Anyone-Pencil Portraits!
Yahoo! in Asia - Arts:Visual Arts:Drawing and Sketching:Artists
Art by Emily
Stewart Stiverson's pencil drawings
Draw Your Own Celtic Knotwork
Portraits by Sharon, Artist, art


The Heard Museum
Phoenix Art Museum

Art organizations

Arts Organizations of Color


Acronym List
BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
Reference: A Comprehensive Glossary of Financial Terms
Encyberpedia GLOSSARIES AND DICTIONARIES by Encyberpedia
eye on the web - Reference Desk
Hypertext Webster Interface
Computing Dictionary
Acronyms and Abbreviations
OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen

Do it Yourself Sites

Index A to Z at
Fixit Home Page
Electronic Repair Tips


Recipes online

Now That's Funny
Vegetable Side Dishes. Busy Cooks Feature: 06/09/97 From The Mining Company
Jen's Research Dept.
Hawaiian Electric Kitchen
Mimi's Cyber Kitchen - ( food, cooking, recipes, links, and more)Mimi's Cyber Kitchen - ( food, cooking, recipes, links, and more)Mimi's Cyber Kitchen - ( food, cooking, recipes, links, and more)
Betty Crocker
Kraft Interactive Kitchen
Randall's Ask Lori Recipes
Sara Lee Recipes - Feature
Rosetto's recipes
Rich Products Corporation
Mrs. T's Pierogies - Fun Filled Pasta Pockets®
Potato Recipes
Tyson Chicken : Recipes
Welcome to Kellogg Kitchens(TM)!
What's For Dinner?
Campbell's Kitchen - Recipe Box
Calavo Recipe Listing
Home Baking Collection Cookbook


Homa Locks, Inc.
Wyoming Enterprises, Inc.
American MSI Corporation Home Page
Industrial Supplies and Tools Links

Buckles and nylon webbing

Poly strapping - banding - buckles - seals - 1/2" banding, plastic strapping, banding tools, crimpers, tensioners, steel buckles, stretch wrap, hand wrap, mailers, bags, labels, tape, shipping supplies, shipping tags, box cutters, clear label protection tape.
METAL TRIMS & NOVELTIES page 4 of 5 by The Fashiondex, Inc.
BELTS BUCKLES & NOVELTIES page 1 of 5 by The Fashiondex, Inc.
Albest Metal Stamping Home Page
National Webbing Products Homepage
Apparel Industry Sourcing Site For Southwest page 1 of 1 by The Fashiondex, Inc.
Rendle Safety Inc.
Rendle Safety Inc.
Vicar International - Webbing - Polypropylene - Nylon
OEM Home
Safe-Strap Company's AIMS Page
The Baby Comfort Company Homepage
turnlocks and clips
Albest Metal Stamping Home Page
Plastic Buckles From Jontay.Com
National Webbing Products Homepage
Plastic Hardware - Cam, Center & Side Release Buckles, Straplocks
Commodity Webbing
NWP metal hardware
Plastic Hardware - loops, d-rings, triangles, snap hooks and luggage hardware
Trango : Extraordinary Climbing Gear
Rock Climbing: Gear
Stubai Carabiners - from Advanced Base Camp
Military Surplus items from
Marmot Index Page
BuildTalk Forums - Welcome
REI-Outlet: Carabiners Leafpage
Happy Campers - Front Page
Happy Campers - WebCams of the Region
Morrison Medical - Stretcher And Backboard Straps
Category - Buckles and Fasteners
Best Logo Buckles, Side Release buckles For Custom Made Logo and Advertisement
Baby Net: Baby Products
ITW Nexus - The Cutting Edge
Imported hang tag company shammikapoor
West Haven Buckle - (800) 243-2922 - orhopedic buckles, bib overall hardware, wire form loops, stamped slides, j-clips, curtain pins, plastic release buckles, loops, slides
NMC Group Incorporated
Bartlett Products - Your Total Fastener Supplier - 1-888-UFASTEN
UMX buckles
Fashion accessories supplies, buckles, buttons, trims, chains, fire sprinklers, golf balls, golf supplies, nuts, bolts, screws, zipper pulls, lace, fittings.
Louis A Green Corp: Home Page

Rapid Prototyping

Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Manufacturing:Casting, Molding and Machining:Rapid Prototyping
Mold Making
Astro Model Development Information Guide
Maloney Tool & Mold - Maloney Plastics
AMD Rapid Prototyping
Astro Model Development

Domain Name Lookup
Arizona Small Business Development Center Network
Bloomberg Online: Website
Small Business 2000


Social Security Death Index (SSDI) at
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Ancestry HomeTown
The Coleman's Bookmarks


.edu: U.S.News Colleges and Careers Center
Find Your Career: USNews - edu
Career Exploration - Engineering Careers - Job Descriptions, Salary Information and Colleges You Can Attend

Job Listings

Job Exchange


Blink education info 97
Blink education info 98
Education Index
Arizona Department of Education

AZ tax rulings to help High Schools

ALIS ONLINE Arizona Legislative Information Services
Partnership tax rulings
43-1089.01 - Tax credit; public school fees; definition


The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
A+ Math
The Math Forum: Student Center Math Baseball
The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
The Online Math Tutor

College info.

Walden University Online Graduate Distance Education Courses
Southern California University for Professional Studies - Title Page
Council On Occupational Education
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Search database of over 4,000 colleges and universities around the world.
UCSD InfoPath - The Official Web Site of UCSD
SAT Test Prep Resource Center - College Board and College Prep Test Information - Contents of Flash Cards
1997-1998 FAFSA on the Web
College Board Online
Advice For College-Bound Students
Money Online: College Guide 1998


International Reading Association

Early learning

SuperKids Software Review of Early Learning Software, July 1998.

Internet/computer training

University of Advancing Computer Technology (U.A.C.T.)
MicroMedium Inc. presents Digital Trainer Professional for CBT Computer Based Training and Internet Training, Multimedia, and Distance Learning.
Microsoft Certified Professional Web site - Certification Home Page
UACT Virtual Campus
Internet training


Foreign language

National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center
Foreign Language Resources for Teachers and Students

School sites

Rio Salado College Arizona Parenting School List
The Fielding Institute
Newport University California
Welcome to University of Phoenix Online
Stanford History: The Beginning
Rio Salado Online Courses
Welcome to UC Berkeley
Glendale Community College, Glendale AZ
Arizona State University
Northern Arizona University
The University of Arizona
Web Based Training - Soft Skills Web Based Training Courses
Interactive Training Institute
Maricopa Community Colleges
Teletutor Home Page

Grants etc.

Grants, Grant Money, Insider's Guide to Finding and Obtaining Grant Money"
U.S. Department of Education (ED) -- Funding

The American Schools of Professional Psychology
Northern Arizona University
Maricopa Community Colleges
Glendale Community College, Glendale AZ
Arizona State University
School Report Card Page 1
ESI Directory of K-12 ARIZONA schools webpage address
Boarding School - The Delphian School

Study Sites
Information Please: On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
Get help with your homework from Schoolwork Ugh!
KidsClick! Web Search -- Fastest Online Research!


Spanish Flash Cards
Tecla in Spanish from Birkbeck College London
Foreign Language Links (G and S)
Elementary Spanish Curriculum

Home care

Welcome to ARM & HAMMER!
Martha Stewart Living
HomeArts: Handy Home Adviser
BTW: Home Repair Encyclopedia
HomeArts: Bloom!


American Longevity,by Dr.Joel D. Wallach,of"Dead Doctors Don't Lie" uses only 100% Plant Derived Liquid Colloidal Minerals. No longer with Soaring Eagle and never endorsed New Visions, Higher Ideals products.
Daily Biorhythms
Puritan's Pride Online Vitamin Catalog: Home
Colloidal Minerals-available wholesale colloidal minerals
Nature's RX - The Lowest Price for Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates, noni juice, melatonin, colloidal minerals


International Channel
1997 World Factbook



Library Info.

ASU Libraries Home Page
Information Please: On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
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KidsClick! Web Search -- Fastest Online Research!
Welcome to Phoenix Public Library
Performing Arts Reading Room (Library of Congress)
IPL Reading Room Newspapers
WWW Virtual Library
The Say Hello to the World Project
IPL Youth Division
The Internet Public Library


Access Magazine: Ask Gina
Access Magazine: Choose Your Local Newspaper Affiliate
National Geographic
Welcome to Consumer Reports® Online
Welcome to Sunset Magazine
Arizona Highways Online
PC Magazine Online

Newspapers & News

The Denver Post Online - News
Phoenix New Times | April 22-28, 1999
IPL Reading Room Newspapers
The Jerusalem Post Newspaper: Online News From Israel
The WIRE - Breaking News from The Associated Press
BoulderNews: A Service of the Daily Camera
Car Talk
Stein Online
Science News Online - The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science
What is the PointCast Network?
The New York Times on the Web
BBC Online - Homepage
Online Broadcasting Network
Infoseek: The News Channel
Arizona Central
USA TODAY, Arizona's News, Weather, Sports & More
KFYI 910AM - Stimulating Talk Radio!!

Optical Sites

Opticians Association of America


Dozen Roses
Wedding Guide UK - Love Poems


Libertarian Party - Release - 980715 - impeach Clinton
Libertarian Party
the web site of anarchista, web supastar!
Slick's Skeleton List


An Online Library of Literature
Welcome: Cowboy Poets on the Internet


Notable Citizens of Planet Earth
The Presidents of the United States


Pharmaceutical information

Drug Database

Animal Medicine

Animal Immortality Book, Vet News, Pet Care and Animal Stories
Cats Health Bulletin Board at Acme Pet
Pet-Zone Health Tips
Pet-Zone: Home Page
Acral Lick Dermatitis

Human Medicine

Acne remedies

Colloidal Silver: Natural Alternative to Antibiotics, Infections, Colds & Flu
ACNE Treatment - Discovery Werba News.
Skin Today - The On-line Dermatological Magazine
MD Opinions
ParenTalk Newsletter: Adolescents: Acne: Causes and Cures
Welcome to the Silver Miracle
the AcneSite / Acne Cures & Tips / Peeling Agents

ADD & ADHD Sites

One ADD Place - Attention Deficit Learning Disorders ADD ADHD LD products services
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD - ADD
MRI of Caudate Nucleus in Adolescent Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder...[Abstract, August Arch Neurol. 1997;54:963-968] (c) AMA 1997
Virtual Hospital: Iowa Health Book: Attention Deficit Disorder
A.D.D. Related Web Sites
Attention Deficit Disorder: Born to Explore! The Other Side of ADD

Articles on ADD & ADHD

Journal Article about ADHD, ADD, Ritalin Hazards by Peter R. Breggin, MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
Dubious dependence on ADD diagnosis
Talking Back to Ritalin--New Breggin Book Excerpts
The Great A.D.D. Hoax - Dr. David Keirsey
Attention Deficit Disaster - con- John McGinnis
Pro-Med article Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
New explanation for Ritalin 1/99

BB's and Chats, etc. for ADD/ADHD

LD's BB on teaching kids with ADHD


PAR Home Page
GPAR, Grandparents and Parents Against Ritalin Inc;
National Association for Continuing Education in Attention Deficit Disorder, Asperger's Disorder and Learning Disabilities
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention Deficit Disorder Action Group

Mental Health Net - ADHD/ADD Resources

Alternative Medicine

Welcome to "The Good News Doctor"

Alternative Remedies for ADD

Pycnogenol® Monograph For Treating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Pycnogenol Users Tell Their Stories for Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


The Brain Store - Brain Storm
Bug Vectors Index
Press Releases relating to EMC
Hong Kong ‘bird flu’ - Will it spread?
Infertility Resources

Capd & related info

Audiology Info :-> Audiology Information!
How To Read an Audiogram - A Hearing Help Library article from the Audiology Awareness Campaign

Speech/Language Sites & Info

Univ Programs in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Web Resources on Communication Disorders
speech-language disorders
Useful Speech-Language Pathology Links

Learning Disability info

LD OnLine: The ABCs of Learning Disabilities and ADD
What are learning disabilities?

Organizations for LD

National Attention Deficit Disorder Association
Peter Breggin, MD and the Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology Index and Home Page

Good CAPD Sites/Articles

Campbell's Shop Central Auditory Processing Disorders
Kidspeech CAPD page
Center for Central Auditory Research
LD OnLine: Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPDs)
Central Auditory Processing
Understanding Processing Deficits
Brenda Cowlishaw's CAPD page w/links
In the public school system, is a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) a choice?

Mediocre sites for CAPD


Therapy & therapists

Welcome to Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, programs for reading, spelling, comprehension, math, drawing, and learning.
The National Academy for Child Development (NACD)
CT center for Auditory Processing
Developmental Therapy Teaching Programs homepage GA

Assistance for parents

Parents' Checklist for Children's Problems with Speech, Hearing, Learning
Institute for Human Development - Arizona Technology Access Program
Assistive Technology Training Project

Parents Information for CAPD

Center for Speech and Language Disorders
Central Auditory Processing Disorders
CAPD Parents' Page
Kim's Central Auditory Processing Links
Allyn & Bacon Catalog: Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
Speech Language Pathology WWW Links
LD Resources
Central Auditory Processing Disorders
Central Auditory Processing Disorders: Unraveling the Mystery
CAPD Evaluations--U.S.

Products for Learning

Phonic Boom: The Official Phonic Ear Website
Fast ForWord Introduction
WDIV: Fast Forward Program for Dyslexia
Tomatis Home Page
Welcome to Cognitive Concepts, Inc.
Welcome to Cognitive Concepts, Inc.
TouchMath® Main Menu and Welcome Area! Vital Sounds Sheila Frick Sensory Integration Samonas Trained Therapists The SAMONAS theory of sound listening is based on Ingo Steinbach's method of Spectral Activation, which is essentially a method of super-modulating the harmonic overtones in such a way as to creat a rich stimulus for sound therapy. CDs are available which, when used under a therapist's guidance, stimulate the inner ear and thus affect hearing and balance. Sheila Frick is an Occupational Therapist who uses the Sensory Integration paradigm to bring about changes in children with numerous disabilities related to the awareness of the body in space and of gravitation. She conducts frequent seminars on the applicability of the Samonas method to OT methods.
Fast ForWord: Glossary

Testing information

Psychological Testing Information
Cognitive/Intellectual/Ability Testing Products
CTONI (Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence). Hammill,Pearson,Wiederholt
CTONI (Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence)-Computer Administered. Hammill,Pearson,Wiederholt
Pro-ed Store - Tests - Intelligence, Aptitude, and Developmental Abilities
The index is in alphabetical order
Achievement Tests, Diagnostic (Achievement) Tests, Aptitude Tests, Tests of Intelligence/Cognitive Functioning and the use of these various categories of tests with ESL populations
Education Policy Analysis Archives: Vol. 4 No. 8 Stone "Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction"
Acoustic Filters Lab
Institute of Human Development
Special Needs and Inclusive Schools: Pain, Waste, and the Hope for a Better Future...: Margi Nowak, PhD
CAPD Site Index
December 1998 PedTalk List Archives: RE: [APR] CAPD & ADHD/ADD
Virtual Hospital: Clinical Psychopharmacology Seminar 1996-1997: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Pharmacotherapy
Research in ADHD and CAPD
International Dyslexia Association
About Dyslexia


Exploring Nonverbal Communication

Ptosis info

Ptosis FAQs
Oculoplastics & Oncology FAQs/Ptosis of the Upper Eyelid

Child Development


Developmental and Learning Problems of Former Premature Infants

Abuse it -- Lose it Article on teaching selfcontrol
Erik Erikson
Graduate Programs: Child Development
Fact Sheet: Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Research Re: Diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Child Development - Classic Theories
Abuse it -- Lose it
Behavior OnLine: The Mental Health and Behavioral Science Meeting Place
96-084 (Strep-related Behavior Disorders)
Parents of Infants, Take the First Step Toward Trust Relationships, HYG-5151-96
1.09 - Social & Moral Dev.
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
University of Geneva: Jean Piaget Archives
Keirsey Temperament Sorter II

Ophthalmology Sites

KALEIDOSCOPE Interactive: Support Agencies
Foundation Fighting Blindess
epiretinal membrane [erm]
Duke University Eye Center | Newsletters
UT Southwestern Department Of Ophthalmology Home Page
The EOPS Index Home Page

Peripheral Neuropathy


National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Home Page
Epilepsy Foundation
EFNJ - Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey

Mental Health

Successful Schizophrenia
Internet Mental Health
Anorexia Nervosa Diagnosis

Medical Orgs

American Medical Association


Hospitals and Clinics

Mercy Healthcare Arizona - Home Page

A. Pettigrew Interior Plants - Health

Optical Sites

Optical Illusions
Eye to Eye Doc in MI


No More Ritalin
MedWatch: The FDA Medical Products Reporting Program
Letter - Terbutaline
Letter on an Unapproved Use of Terbualine Sulfate
Pharmaceutical Information Network Home Page
Common Drugs to Stop Labor -

Social Control Sites

Cooperative Agreement for a World Violence-Related Deaths Program


The Bees & Me


Love and Marriage Quotes
Quotes 'R' Us
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations


Welcome to TerraServer


Weather Underground: Welcome to The Weather Underground
Phoenix, AZ: Intellicast Weather Forecast
Arizona Weather
Weather Report for FLG
NWS Tallahassee: Travel Weather
Guide to hurricane information
GIF image 680x460 pixels

El Nino Stuff

The Hottest Links About El Nino
el nino
Information about El Niño
El Nino Years

Writing and Grammar

APlus Research & Writing for High School and College Students Home Page
Jesse's Word of the Day
A.Word.A.Day Home Page
Grammar Queen
ESL Idiom Page
Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style.
Guide to Grammar and Writing

Religious Sites

Concordia Theological Seminary -- A Seminary of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod
Family of Christ Home Page
Arizona Lutheran Missouri Synod Churches
Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Tempe, AZ.
Net Ministries / How to Qualify for and Maintain Free Pages
The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod: Beliefs and Practice
Luther's Small Catechism
God's Yellow Pages

Misc. Sites
Suffering Saints: The Plight of Pakistani Christians
John 3:16
The Holy Grail

Cult info.

Cult's Boulder financier in Greece
Achieving Success

Articles on Cult

Jerusalem gunfight is complete lunacy
Cultists in Greece plan move to Israel
CESNUR: Concerned Christians - Denver Post Chronology
The Denver Post Online - News
The Denver Post Online - News
The Denver Post Online
CESNUR: Concerned Christians and Manson (San Francisco Examiner)
The Glenwood Post Online - Features - Anonymous source says Apocalypse cult safe, still in U.S. Source 10/09/98 Israeli Police Detain Members of Denver-Based Cult
Cult leases four homes in Greece
Cult members check out of hotel
Cult members come and go without scrutiny
Denver cult still missing
Doomsday cult cites Manson in its "final message'
Dangers of the Millennium - Israeli Culture - 01/11/99
Approaching millennium spawns pack of doomsday groups
Littleton woman disappeared into doomsday cult
Israel's Next Nightmare: Doomsday Nuts Want Armageddon in Jerusalem!
Members of Concerned Christians
HeraldLink: Cult plot foiled, Israel says
Cult members turn tourists
Cult returns to Denver
Cult members' relatives speak out
Israel Wants US-Based Cult Deported
Israel to deport Denver-based cultists
The Denver Post Online - News
Doomsday cult leader and followers vanish, family members fear worst

The Denver Post Online
Denver Rocky Mountain News presents
ATHENS NEWS-Electronic Edition (Home Page)
The Denver Post Online - News
About Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy Home Page
Athens News Agency: Daily News Bulletin in English, 98-06-06
Welcome to TRAVELLING - Greece / Hellas - The first and only complete site on travel and tourism in Greece.
Greek ICQ List
Greek Telephone Directories
Welcome to 9NEWS - Colorado's News Leader
Inside 9NEWS - TV Station in Denver, Colorado
Religious Movement Resource Center
The End To Innocent Acceptance Of Sects
CMR's Apologetics Index - Religion Items in the News - October 9, 1998 (Vol. 2, Issue 51)
CMR's Apologetics Index - Maitreya, Manifestations, Mormonism, Manifest Sons of God, Etc.
The Watchman Expositor
Welcome to Freedom of Mind
Welcome to Freedom of Mind
Abusive Churches
Weaman Home
Rapture Index
The Official International Church of Christ Web Site
Religious Studies - New Religions - Cons and Pros
TruthQuest Institute Home Page
Other End-Time Expectations - Millennia Monitor
Temple Mount In Jerusalem: A Peaceful Solution To Building The Next Temple In Yerusalem (Letter)
.ex-cult Archive
Watchman Fellowship's 1997 Index of Cults and Religions
Cult Information of AFF's Cult Information Service -- Cults, Cultic Studies, and Psychological Manipulation -- Research + Education + Assistance + Recovery
Christian Connection, cults information.
The Everlasting Good News of Yahweh


Speed Measurement Laboratories
Alternative Resources Corporation

Geology and Rock/Mineral Collecting

Chelan Rock Club, Wa Rock collecting areas by J. K. Engley on 3/06/98
Rock Collecting Around the USA
Rock Collecting Around the USA
Cyberwall: Rock Collecting Localities
Gander Academy: Rocks and Minerals Themes
Trevor Hudson's Rock Collection
Trevor Hudson's Rock Collection
The Cape-Atlantic Rockhounds Official Homepage
Irving Family Web Pages: Rock Collecting
Cyberwall: Rock Collecting in Canada
Oklahoma Rock Collecting Web Sites
Southern California Rock Collecting Localities
CSUDH Japanese Garden-Rock Collecting Expedition
Ohio Rock Collecting Web Sites
Illinois Rock Collecting Web Sites
ROCK: Top of the Rock - Collecting February 1997
Rock Collecting in the Black Hills
Geology Adventures Homepage
Bob's Rock Shop: The First 'Zine for Mineral Collectors and Rockhounds
Oklahoma Minerals, Crystals and Rocks
Special Quartz Crystals at Geology Net Rock Collecting
Rockhounding Arkansas by Mike and Darcy Howard
Castle Rocks Collectible Mineral Specimens Online Store
Gold Prospecting, Gold Panning, Mining, Treasure Hunting, Rockhounding, Recreation Maps
Bear Paw Lapidary Corporation
Welcome To Adam's Minerals!
Barbera Company, Quarz, Amethyst, Bookends, Minerals, tumbled Strones, Stone Carvings
charles b. ward fluorescent minerals
"Selling you the world-- one rock at a time"
1 Of A Kind
Crystal Grove Diamond Mine And Campground
The Gem Kingdom Web Page
Gem and Mineral Exploration Company Home Page
Rockhounds Information Page
Mineral Collecting - Definitive Collection of Net Links
RIGS - Fossils
Rockhound's Paradise!
Minerals - Oklahoma Rock, Crystal and Mineral Collecting
AZOutdoors Home Page
Rock and crystal hunting
Rock and Gem Link List - Olympic Mountain Gems, Inc.
Field Collecting Gemstones and Minerals
Making a Rock Collection (Grades K-12)
Volcano World Starting Points
Mineralogy Collections
Gander Academy: Rocks and Minerals Themes
Mineral Spectroscopy
The Hunterian Museum: Rocks and Minerals
Bob's Rock Shop: Other Internet Resources for Rockhounds
Canadian Rockhound
!* Treasure Net *! Rocks and Mineral Links Page...
Amateur Mineralogy
Calgary Rock & Lapidary Club Links
Sierra Pelona Rock Club
All About Arkansas Natural Quartz Crystals
Fossils, Minerals and Geology Internet sites - Ohio.
Mineral Collecting
Bjørn´s Mineral Web
Norwegian geological societies
The Virtual Show - 1999 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
Consulting -- Rockhounds Staff Recruiters In Geoscience --
Geological Consultants Inc. Rocks & Minerals Page
Ore-ROCK-On: Oregon Rockhounds Online
The Fossil Company - Quality Fossils and Mineral Specimens.
Aleta's Geology Links
Rockhounding Wyoming - Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
rockhounding for rocks minerals gems fossils books
Min.Inst.Univ.Würzburg, CONTACT 2: Links for Mineralogists
Please title this page. (rocks.htm in hemsida)
Mineral links
Rocks of Ages (page 4): Ethics, laws protect safety of rocks and rockhounds
ROCKHOUNDERS.COM - Electronic Prospecting Worldwide for Rockhounds and Rockhound Enthusiasts

Exhibits Collection -- Amusement Park Physics
EnviroLink Search
Science News Online - The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science
Welcome to TerraServer
National Science Foundation - Home Page


Boss hog and the killer algae -- Sept. 30, 1996


Anthropology World Wide Web Sites


The Dig in Quicktime VR
The Scriptorium: Center for Christian Antiquities


Sam's Orchid page
Missouri Botanical Garden Web Server

Alternative Fuels

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter
Hydogen Factsheet Factsheet
Energy Partners, Inc.
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter
Infoseek: hydrogen fueled vehicles
T2000BC opinions page: alternative fuels
Voyage Publishing - Alternative Energy

Astronomy/Space exploration

NASA Human Spaceflight
Griffith Observatory Home Page
The Nine Planets
The Best of HST
The Cosmic Mirror # 108
Views of the Solar System
Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy
Comet Observation Home Page
Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page
The Constellations Web Page
Extrasolar Visions
Solar System Live
The Case for Mars
USNO Astronomical Applications Department
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Welcome to the Planets
Galileo Home Page (JPL)
Basics of Space Flight
Space Day
Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page
SETI Institute
The Calendar Zone -- Bringing Order to Calendrical Chaos!
Planetarium Software
Your Sky
Black Holes and Neutron Stars
Berit's Best Sites For Children: Space: Page 1 of 4
StarChild: A learning center for young astronomers
The NASA Homepage
Introduction to The Nine Planets


The Silica Aerogel Photo Gallery
Plastic Technical Services
A Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory


Genomics Today


The Junk Science Home Page
NGS - National Geographic Online
Smithsonian Photographic Services Home Page
Discovery Online

Search Engines

600+ Search Resources


Find a Map
Maps On Us: Welcome!


Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines
ProFusion (tm)
EarthLink Search Page - Meta Search The Search Engines!
Four11 Directory Services
Switchboard Home Page
InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory
Welcome to BigBook
One Stop Searching Here
Meta Search Engine []
All-in-One Search Page
Meta Search Engine []
U S WEST Dex - Yellow Pages
Zip Code Lookup and Address Information
W3 Search Engines
Britannica Internet Guide

People locator services
WhoWhere? Phone Numbers & Addresses
Information Public Records
Global Information Network Dossier Report
¿ The Cyber-Spy ToolKit ¿
Information America
EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND CHECKS criminal background check locate people
People Locator Services / Infofoxx Inc.


1-2-1 Flowers and Gifts Around the World
New Vision, Sponsorship
New Vision Products


eBay - Your Personal Trading Community

Nutrition and Supplement companies - Your Healthy Living Headquarters -- Serving you on the web since 1995
Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10, Co-Enzyme Q10, Coenzyme Q-10, Co-enzyme Q-10, Ubiquinone
Vitamins, Nutritional Formulas, and Supplements for men, women, girls, boys, adults and children by Natural Connections: prostate, lungs, heart, joints, memory, kidneys, skin, muscles, bones, artery, sports. Product pictures, online computer data, reference. Vitamin warehouse. Nutritional Supplements. Vitamin Supplements. Natural Vitamins. Natural Supplements. American and international health information and medical news.
Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10, Co-Enzyme Q10, Coenzyme Q-10, Co-enzyme Q-10, Ubiquinone
Puritan's Pride Online Vitamin Catalog: Home


Comtrad: Wireless Speaker
New technology - wireless speaker revolution

Books New/Used

MX BookFinder: Search for Out of Print and Used Books

Camping Gear

The Sportsman's Guide

Social Studies

Vose Social Studies Education Resources


United States Olympic Committee - USOC - Olympics Online
Colorado Soccer Net


Welcome to SRP
SRP Home Energy Analyzer



Dillard Ticketing
Knott's Berry Farm - Official Webpage
EMOL: Arizona Renaissance Festival Home Page

State travel information


South Padre Island
Map of South Padre Island


Rentor Online Williams Az. Hotel/Motel Listings
Phoenix Arizona Lodging Accommodations - Hotels, Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Vacation Rentals, Motels, Lodges, Condos, Guest Ranches, Apartments, Cabins, Cottages, All-Suite Hotels
Phoenix, Arizona Business Directory
Arizona Lottery Results


Arizona Recreational Vehicle Information


Arizona Lodging and Reservations Directory, Arizona hotels, inns, suites, bed and breakfast, motels, accomodations, reservations, travel, information, services, Bisbee, Bullhead City, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu City, Mesa, Phoenix, Prescott, Scottsdale, Sedona, Tempe, Tucson, Williams

Points of Interest

Grand Canyon Railway -
Verde Canyon Railroad: train, train rides, trains, historic trains, tourist trains, railroad, arizona, southwest
Ultimate Arizona Vacation Guide - Calendar of Events
Arizona Fairs and Festivals
Major Points of Interest in Arizona
Arizona Points of Interest

Parks & Rec

Arches National Park arches national park ARCHES NATINAL PARK
Monument Valley - Goulding's Monument Valley Campground
Boaters Home Page Arizona
CArizona - See Arizona, It's HoT! Arizona Vacation Travel Guide to all Arizona Destinations
Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Official Tourism Page
Arizona State Parks Home Page

Rim area info.

Cabins Payson Arizona, Heber, Pine Lodge & Accommodations Motels
Payson AZ's Tourism Resource, Payson Web
Christopher Creek, AZ


Miles City Montana - Home Page

Travel arrangements

National Car Rental Online
Welcome to Travelbridge Air, Land, Sea, Ltd. tickets, hotel accommodations and car reservations online
Tickets and Reservations: On the Net- 1500 places to get your tickets and reservations now!
AAA Home Page
Arizona Recreational Vehicle Information
Points of Interest Travel
Expedia Travel Agent

National Parks Info
Grand Canyon National Park - Official Park Information


National Forest Campgrounds
Camping Recipes
Backpacking Recipes from the Mining Company
Camping Recipes
Campfire Cooking - Recipes
Happy Camping Share Recipes


Trucking and Freight Companies
Consolidated Freightways
Overnite Transportation Company
CalMat Index Page
Yellow Freight Online
Teamsters and other Union Links, Worldwide
The Kroger Co. Driving Opportunities with Sammons Trucking
ABF Freight System, Inc. Home Page
ABF Freight System, Inc., Direct Service Points
Arkansas Best Corporation
G.I. Trucking Company Home Page
Arkansas Best Corporation
Arkansas Best Corporation
MTA Truck Driving Schools
All Professional Driving School - driving school Sydney, Australia
National Truck Drivers School
Land Line Magazine - The Business Magazine for Professional Truckers
The Big Road Cover
New products
Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance - World Wide Web Site
Kenworth Products - W900
PACCAR Inc Corporate Home Page
Welcome to Trucking Resources
YONDAR International - The Truckers' Mall
Tri-State Semi Driver Training (a Truck Driving School)
Ontario Driver Consultants Incorporated
Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools
Pittsburgh Diesel Institute
Road King On Ramp
The Mid America Trucking Show Home Page
* U E C - E V E R C A S T *
Ethnologue, 13th edition, 1996
Get ready
1997 Nebraska Corn Quality Study
Jason Aronson Inc. Publishing
The Advantage Company Home Page
Friends of SFPI
Tests, Tests, Tests . . .
Employment - Harvey E. Morse and Locaters International finds unknown and missing heirs.
Second To None, Inc. - Welcome!
Research International: Global Market Research Agency
Greenfield Online - Help Wanted
LDS Website
New Products: Spam Hater: Freeware Helps You Flame Junk Mailers (4/97)
EDR Corporation - Welcome
EDR Corporation - Welcome
Year 2000
Year 2000 Risk Assessment and Planning for Individuals
'97 Nuremberg: Physicians Role in the Holocaust
Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
Welcome to Singular Publishing Group, Inc. Online
SAIT - Homepage - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology - SAIT.
The Georgiana Institute Home Page
Question Board
Family to Family Network
Gateways to Better Education
Links & Resources
Sassy's Introduction Page
Affiliate Programs, Webmasters/Webmistresses, Earn Money From Your Web Site. IT News Reports and Resources.
Welcome to Inet for Cellular, Wireless, &  Wireline Technology
Business Opportunity Surf Day
Associate Programs Directory - commission and affiliate programs
NMC Group Incorporated
Adventures with Spirit's Awesome Postcards and Greeting Cards - FREE Electronic Digital Post office, Virtual Postcards

Drug info

Drug Information Service at Creighton University
Online Clinic

200 Mysterious Places Links
1-800-U.S. SEARCH----------FIND ANYONE!
NPD Group Welcome Page
IntelleQuest Menu
The Celtic Cross
Celtic Cultures Links
Lutheran Brotherhood - Potluck
Lutheran Brotherhood Home Page
ITP Nelson Communications
November/December 1997
Disaster Psychiatry
Human Home Page
Lynx Viewer

more CAPD /ADHD info

The Brain and Cognition
TIME Magazine: Retraining Your Brain --PAGE 1-- JULY 5, 1999
Time Daily - June 18, 1999: Yes, Albert Einstein Did Have More Brains
TIME Magazine: Brain Repair Tool Kit --PAGE 1-- JUNE 21, 1999
TIME Magazine: Retraining Your Brain --PAGE 1-- JULY 5, 1999
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
PANDAS Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus
Anxiety Disorders
96-084 (Strep-related Behavior Disorders)
Educational Audiology Association
Educational Audiology Association
Index for Assistive Technology in Special Education - Resources - Event Calendar
ADD/ADHD - Cycle of Disadvantage
Article on Ritalin and Hearing Study of ADHD/CAPD kids cited
Comorbity - Rougher Seas
Research Re: Cause of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
December 1998 PedTalk List Archives: RE: [APR] CAPD & ADHD/ADD
ADD/ADHD - CoMorbidity - ADHD + Tics/Tourette's
ADD/ADHD Outcome and Opportunity
Phonemic Awareness
Learning Disability
Phonemic Awareness
Virtual Hospital: The Human Brain: Chapter 5: The Cerebral Hemispheres
DNA Research
Ritalin & Brain Damage
The Trouble With Wonder Drugs - Part 1
The Trouble With Wonder Drugs - Part 1
NIDA - Teaching Packet: The Brain and the Actions of Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana - Page 5
NIDA - Teaching Packet - The Brain and the Actions of Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana
Research Re: Cause of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
LD OnLine Assistive Technology Resources - organizing devices, prompters
Help for my Child
The Unicorn Children's Foundation, Home Page
Cued Speech Information
Cued Speech Information
Cued Language & Signed Language Materials, ACE-approved Interpreter Coursework
Central Auditory Processing; Audiology; Hearing Specialist; Learning Disabilities Therapy; Fast ForWord: Judith W. Paton, Audiologist.
CAPD A Glance: Assessment and Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorders in the Educational Setting : From Science to Practice

Dougie's Color Picker
Arizona Game & Fish Department Home Page
A,The Pet Counselor
School Psychology Resources Online
Home Page of The Nature Conservancy - Help Protect Endangered Species
Other Biodiversity World-Wide Web Servers
EAA Home Page
COR Management Services - The Ultimate Executive Search and Technical Consulting Firm
Soundbytes - cellular/paging communication access
Soundbytes - cellular/paging communication access
Mental Health Net - Editorial: October 1996
Cyber "Camera"
MAGG: New Products (No Frames)
Edmark Corporation, an IBM Company
Thinkin' Things Gold - Overview Telecommuting Job Search-No Up Front Fees!
Work at Home Parents -
NPD Group Welcome Page
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
ICFDA The Columbine Shootings
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
Hepatitis Central , Lab Tests, What they are, what they mean
Hepatitis Central, Albumin, What is it?
Lecture Topics
Lecture Topics
Human Genome Project Information
Human Genome Project Information
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Charles Schwab | Home
Data Broadcasting Corporation
The Nasdaq Stock Market Home Page
Removing Mineral Deposits From Household Surfaces - HE-397

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My-Wedding-Album Online
Brides - My Wedding Album
My-Wedding-Album Online Price List
My Special Occasion Information and Samples
My Special Occasion Prices Bringing Your Special Day to Family and Friends Around the World
Michael and Andrea's Wedding Page

United States Postal Service
The Schwab Foundation for Learning - Your Eye on the Market

Stock Trading Info.

Stock Commentary & Analysis
IIOnline Homepage
The Motley Fool: Finance and Folly -- Main Page
Silicon Investor - Home Page

Stock Screeners

Hoover's Online: The Ultimate Source for Company Information Personalized Online Investment Tools
Rapid Research - fundamental stock reports and stock screening tools

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CNNfn - the financial network
MSN MoneyCentral: Home Page
Wall Street City - The Investor's Supersite on the Web
Yahoo! Finance

Stock Research & Reports

Partes® Free Real-Time SEC EDGAR Filings
Multex Investor Network - Research for Serious Investors 

Hamsters - Medical Concerns
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FedWorld Information Network Home Page
FedWorld Information Network Home Page
United States House of Representatives - 106th Congress
NOAA Home Page Main Page
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Library of Congress Home Page
Welcome to the California Home Page
U.S. Department of Education (ED) Home Page
U.S. Department of Education (ED) Home Page
University of Michigan Gateway
MIT SIPB Home Page
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Policy Review June & July 1999
Kecia Weller, Disability Rights Advocate/ADA Trainer
Kecia Weller, Disability Rights Advocate/ADA Trainer
The Psychological Corporation
The Psychological Corporation
Parent Articles About ADHD
King of Kings Lutheran Church
Senator Bob Smith For President - Internet Campaign Headquarters
Senator Bob Smith For President - Internet Campaign Headquarters
Teach Me Tapes, Inc.
School Age
LinguiSystems - Products - My Neuroscience Portal
Shoptaw Services - Sing, Spell Read & Write
Scientific American Article: Dyslexia: November 1996
Scientific American Article: Dyslexia: November 1996
Allaire: HomeSite Developer Center

Essential Oils

Catalog Esssential Oils
Catalog Esssential Oils
1-800-377-3685 - A Woman of Uncommon Scents: Importer of Extraordinary Essential Oils
Zenith Supply Massage Oils and Lotions
Zenith Supplies Essential Oils Page
Zenith Supplies Essential Oils Page
Wholesale Essential Oils
Wholesale Essential Oils from Sandalwood to St. Johns Wort
Les Herbes,ltd is an American based aromatherapy company and manufacturer of essential oils. Les Herbes, ltd is committed to supplying their clients only the freshest and purest aromatherapy and essential oils products.
Goldenfey Aromatherapy - Quality Of Essential Oils

Glossary of Financial Terms
WFLA-TV 101 Ways To Save
Advanced neural network based stock technical analysis, prediction, ranking and trading software
Scottrade - Online Trading
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Gossamer Threads - CGI Scripts, Perl Programming and Internet Consulting
Workaholics4Hire Jobs Database: Login.
Telecommuting Jobs Job Description
OfficeTec - The Virtual Office Services Company offering administrative and sales assistance via the internet, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Increase your productivity, while decreasing your costs, by using our customized solutions to support your business
TekWork, Inc.
Ken Foster ~ Original Music, Piano Lessons & Music Store
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Berean Bookstore
Berean Christian Stores -- Home Page
USFreightways Corporation
CTTC - The Painted Turtle, Chrysemys picta by Mary Cohen
GoNin SystemWorks HomePage
Herpetology Education And Rescue
Jim Beam: July 28, 1999
Welcome to ServiceArizona presented by the Arizona MVD
Leukemia Society of America
FIND WEB JOBS employment for webpage designers programmers
Wisconsin Genealogy Research Information
California Vital Records Information - birth or death certificate, divorce records, marriage license, etc
The USGenWeb Project - Home Page
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LD OnLine: What are the Early Warning Signs of Learning Disabilities?
Understanding Learning Disabilities
LD OnLine: Central Auditory Processing Disorder: When is Evaluation Referral Indicated?
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