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Coleman Family Newsletter

Mark & Suzi

Updated November 22, 1999

Well, here it is November, and all is well. We are very thankful God has been good to us this year. Mark is working for USF Bestway a freight company under the umbrella company called US Freightways.

Our family is healthy and happy, we hope yours is as well.

Our niece Amanda Bell came to stay with us several months ago and has become a regular part of our family.

Here is our favorite prayer (if you are into philosophy) as well as an opinion read over the radio by one of my all-time favorites, Paul Harvey. Enjoy!


Christina is currently a sophomore at Washington High School. She has once again been a part of the guard at her High School. Here is a recent picture of her and a friend before the homecoming dance.


Jac has moved recently to Scottsdale and is now attending Cocopah middle school where he is currently a seventh grader. He has two dogs and enjoys playing basketball. He enjoys country music (as well as many other music interests) and his favorite country singer is Shania Twain. He also likes a singer/songwriter called Jewel.


David is in sixth grade attending Ocotillo Elementary and his teacher is Mrs. Ruckman-Moore. He enjoys PE and likes to watch tv. His favorite tv show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His favorite music is hip hop and his favorite group are the Spice Girls. He enjoys reading many different authors, but enjoys horror type novels such as R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series.


Orion is nearly three years old. He is asking questions incessantly, now. He enjoys Zaboomafu a wonderful show for kids from PBS.


Zippy still hides from Orion, but they are becoming fast friends at last. Zippy doesn't *totally* trust O yet, but she's starting.

Updated November 22, 1999

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