My Travels in the Job's Daughters' World


In March, I attended a meeting of the Board of Trustees and presented several new programs to benefit the preservation and expansion of the historical collection housed at the International Center for Job's Daughters. As Curator, it pleased me very much that the Board endorsed my requests for enhancing our collection of IOJD memorabilia.

In January, my husband and I attended the official visit of Supreme Guardian Vanessa Fowler and Associate Supreme Guardian Bill Walker to Bethel No. 1 in San Antonio, Texas. We were joined by our Executive Manager, Susan M. Goolsby, for a weekend of IOJD and tourist activities. We had a wonderful time and very much enjoyed the Texas hospitality.


In October, Washington’s Job’s Daughters hosted a reception for ASG Bill Walker, Supreme Secretary Jackie Rainbolt, and ASBG Gary Merrick. and were honored to be joined by adults and members from several jurisdictions.  PGG Cheri Pruitt and I co-chaired this event, but it was successful because so many Washington Daughters and adults worked together to make it happen.  The weekend celebration included an informal dinner on Friday evening, bus and ferry tours on Saturday morning and afternoon, a formal banquet and reception on Saturday evening, and a church service on Sunday morning.  A full report of this special event appeared in the March 2002 issue of the Supreme News Exchange

In September, my husband and I traveled to Indiana and the pleasure of participating in their “Trek the Track” fundraiser for The HIKE Fund.  It was a wonderful event.  Over 350 Job’s Daughters and their adult workers gathered pledges and walked around the Indianapolis 500 racetrack.  The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time.  The Indiana Job’s Daughters and their friends contributed over $8,000 for The HIKE Fund.

In July, Supreme Session in Kansas City, Missouri, was a very busy time for me.  First, and foremost, a wonderful committee and I planned a tour to our International Headquarters. We were delighted when over 150 people visited the International Center the week of Supreme Session.  The tour included a visit to the Mick Memorial Room located at our International Headquarters in Papillion, Nebraska; a historical presentation and luncheon at the Papillion Masonic Temple; and a memorial tribute at the Mick Gravesite in Omaha, Nebraska.  Throughout the week of Supreme Session, I displayed my Mick Memorial Room photo album, and sold two items to benefit the Mick Memorial Room:  a Mother Mick pin, and reprints of a special history issue of the Supreme News Exchange.  These items will continue to be available at our International Headquarters and at future Supreme Sessions.  At the conclusion of this Supreme Session, Vanessa Fowler of Queensland, Australia, was installed Supreme Guardian, and Bill Walker from Washington State was installed Associate Supreme Guardian, and I was very honored to serve as Installing Supreme Guide.

2000 TRAVELS: 

In late July, I traveled with Cheri Pruitt, the Supreme Fourth Messenger, to Supreme Session in Boise, Idaho.  Together with hundreds of other Job’s Daughters and their adult advisors from throughout the world, we enjoyed a busy and sometimes hectic week of activities.  For the Daughters, of course, there were several competitions as well as the excitement of the Supreme Bethel Officer and Representative Drawing.  For the adults, there were several business meetings and the consideration of much legislation.  All in attendance enjoyed the Formal Opening, the Miss International Job’s Daughters’ Pageant, and the installations of the Supreme Bethel and Supreme Guardian Council.  In addition to showing my Curator album and display board, I attended a promotional workshop, worked at the Queensland/Washington sales table, and attended the Past Supremes’ banquet and business meeting.   One highlight of this busy week was working with the staff of our Official Supplier, Doc Morgan, Inc., in processing jewelry and non-jewelry sales to our members and adults. It is always interesting to see the new items that Doc Morgan has designed for Job’s Daughters.

At the end of June, I chaired Washington’s Grand Bethel Session on the campus of Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington.  We had 433 Daughters and adults in attendance and the four days were filled with an abundance of fun activities, competitions, and meetings.  In addition, we held our Miss Washington Job’s Daughters’ Pageant – it was our 10th anniversary and the festivities included a reunion of a majority of our former Miss Washington JDs.  One of our judges was Miss International Job’s Daughter 1993-94, Kae Young Hamilton (Miss Nevada JD 93-94) who now lives in Washington.

In April , my husband and I traveled to Indiana where I served as an interview and evening judge for the Miss Indiana Job’s Daughters’ Pageant.  The pageant was held in Muncie and we were delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this exciting event and to visit our Hoosier Friends!   Other Past Supremes serving as judges were Audra Piner (PSG from Indiana), Ruth O’Connell Duenk (PSG from Wisconsin) and Bruce Haubrich (PASG from Wisconsin).  The emcee was Kennely Bastin (PASG, Indiana).  We had a fine time!



In October, my husband and I returned to Nebraska and spent a couple of days working at the International Center.  This time we inventoried and photographed all of the items in storage.  Our computerized data base contains information and specifications on over 400 items in the historical collection housed at the International Center.

In May, my husband and I traveled to Nebraska and spent a few days working at the International Center.  As the Assistant Curator for the historical collection housed at the Center, it is my responsibility to preserve and enhance the many items that are on display and in storage at the International Center.  We established my official office area in the lower portion of the building adjacent to the Mick Memorial Room and outfitted it with a desk, chair, lamp and other office equipment and supplies.  We spent hours and hours inventorying and photographing all of the items on display in the Mick Memorial Room.


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