Suggested HIKE Activities

1. Schedule a 'HIKE' Day, obtain sponsors, and get permission to hike around a nearby park, zoo, or shopping mall. Be sure and wear a HIKE t-shirt, or other purple IOJD clothing.

2. Ask an adult organization if you can visit before or after their meeting and give a HIKE presentation. Tell them about HIKE, pass out brochures, and volunteer to clean-up after dessert, or even provide dessert for their meeting, in exchange for the opportunity to receive donations.

3. Plan a bowl-a-thon, rock-a-thon, or other all-night activity and obtain sponsors.

4. Invite someone who teaches sign language to visit your Bethel and give a demonstration.

5. Visit local audiologists or hearing centers and give them information about The HIKE Fund. Let them know that the IOJD helps families with hearing-impaired children.

6. Write to the Majority Members of your Bethel. Many of these women belonged to Job's Daughters before we had our own international charitable fund and they don't know about The HIKE Fund.

7. When someone in your Bethel celebrates an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion, send a contribution to The HIKE Fund in their honor. They will be delighted to know that you have remembered them by making it possible for another child to hear.

8. Have a penny jar at your Bethel meetings and ask everyone who attends meetings to please deposit their pennies in the HIKE Jar. Place a HIKE canister in the foyer or dining room of your meeting place, but first ask the Building Committee for permission.

9. Plan a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner, issue tickets, and send invitations advertizing that this 'food event' will benefit The HIKE Fund.

10. Ask your neighborhood newspaper to publish an article about The HIKE Fund. If the masonic organizations in your area publish newsletters, ask if you can submit a HIKE article. Here is a sample press release.

11. If the HIKE Board asks your Bethel to make a presentation of a HIKE check to a hearing-impaired child, please do so promptly, and take lots of photographs. Send an article and photograph to the Supreme News Exchange and to the HIKE Board.

12. Participate in 'signing' competitions in your jurisdiction and at Supreme Session.

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