Just as in our Bethel meetings, there will be times when I will want to report on an activity, special event or other subject of interest to our membership. These items will appear in the Reports Section of My Job's Daughters' Journal.


In 1998 while serving as a member of the Supreme Guardian Council Board of Trustees, one of my responsibilities was to prepare  Web Site Guidelines for use by individual Daughters and adults in the preparation of IOJD web sites.  Draft copies of these guidelines were circulated to several persons who were maintaining IOJD web sites at the time and their input was most helpful in recognizing issues that needed to be addressed in the guidelines.  I was very pleased when the Board of Trustees adopted these guidelines in August 1998 for use by Grand Guardian Councils, Jurisdictional Guardian Councils, Bethels, individual members, and adult workers of the International Order of Job’s Daughters.  The Guidelines can be found on the Supreme Guardian Council web site located at

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The information at this Web site is available for Job's Daughters and other Masonic family members. However, when acknowledging this information, please credit the author. Thank you.

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