While HIKE activities take place on a continuing basis throughout our Job's Daughters' world, I am personally aware of the following events, and I want to share them with you. For the Bethels involved in presentations, it is a very emotional experience, but we must all remember that this excitement and goodwill is made possible only by scheduling projects each term to support The HIKE Fund.


The  HIKE Fund (Canada) has produced a colored brochure describing the assistance available for Canadian families of hearing-impaired youngsters.  It is a very attractive brochure providing information on the mission of The HIKE Fund (Canada) as well as a succinct description of the International Order of Job’s Daughters.   Congratulations to The HIKE Board (Canada) for this addition to your printed materials.


Each March, Washington State Job's Daughters participate in Jobie Weekend, a fun two-day event that includes games, competitions, and displays. One of the most exciting events at Jobie Weekend is the HIKE Silent Auction. Each Bethel donates one item and several other items are donated by individuals. The event chairman manages to create order out of chaos as the bidders feverishly watch the prices for their chosen items escalate as the close of the auction draws near.    Each year this activity has garnered over $1000 and has become a major contributor to Washington's annual efforts on behalf of The HIKE Fund. It is also a lot of fun!

Lastly, the HIKE activities conclude with a live auction of sealed unmarked packages from each Grand Guardian Council officer. Surprise! Surprise!

Congratulations to the Daughters and adult workers of Washington State for continuing this yearly event in support of The HIKE Fund.

If you have HIKE news and ideas, please send them to:  mcmanust@earthlink.net
Updated 1/03.

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