Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment

The HIKE Fund is a wonderful project of the International Order of Job's Daughters. In 1985, The HIKE Fund, which stands for Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment, was selected as the Job's Daughters' worldwide philanthropic project. Since that time, over 1000 needy children have received hearing aids from The HIKE Fund. For a sampling of the many ways in which you have helped hearing-impaired children, please read some of the thank yous from their parents and teachers.

The only reason that The HIKE Fund has been successful is because so many of you have made it successful. Your hikes, rock-a-thons, and other activities have made it possible for The HIKE Fund to help hearing-impaired children live life more fully. Every check that is presented to a family from The HIKE Fund represents the charitable endeavors of Job's Daughters in many parts of the world. In addition, many of you have become so interested in the plight of hearing-impaired children that you have learned sign language and incorporated it into your ceremonies.

If you are in charge of planning a special activity to benefit The HIKE Fund, ask your Bethel Guardian or State/Province HIKE Coordinator for materials about The HIKE Fund. Need some ideas? When I was Supreme Guardian in 1993-94, I compiled a list of several activities regarding HIKE. Also, it is very important that we publicize what The HIKE Fund is all about so I wrote a sample press release. If you try any of my HIKE suggestions or have a HIKE event, please tell me so that I can include it in my HIKE news.

Well, Daughters, good luck with your HIKE activities. I'd like to hear about your plans so I can include them in my updates. But most important of all, no matter how big or how small your contribution is to The HIKE Fund, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that one more child has been helped to hear. Helen Keller, a wonderful example of someone who, like Job, overcame tremendous adversities, could neither see nor hear. She expressed her two disabilities in this way: "When you lose your eyes, you lose things. When you lose your ears, you lose people."

Celebrate...The HIKE Fund - and celebrate the joy of helping others.

Mizpah, Daughters, and thanks for sharing your ideas with me.
Mrs. Mac!

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The information at this Web site is available for Job's Daughters and other Masonic family members. However, when acknowledging this information, please credit the author. Thank you. The "Celebrate. . . The HIKE Fund" design, incorporating the ASL sign for "I love you," was the 1993-1994 logo for promoting The HIKE Fund.

If you have HIKE ideas and projects to share with others, please send them to:  Written 10/17/96. Updated 7/31/00.