Whenever we visit a Bethel, we are asked to sign the Attendance Register. So...please sign in by sending me an e-mail message. Just click on

Indicate where your Bethel is located and when it meets, and you might get some out-of-town visitors! If your Bethel has a web site, please be sure and give me the URL. Or, inquire if anyone out there in IOJD cyberspace can help you locate Majority Members of your Bethel for an upcoming anniversary or installation. If you want to share a promotional idea or a HIKE activity, or just say 'hello', please do so. Just remember, the Attendance Register is for brief messages - not lengthy remarks! When I update my web site, I'll include your news events and requests in the Attendance Register section of "My Job's Daughters' Journal". Thanks.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

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