Under Communications, just as in our regular Bethel meeting, I will include news and information that I have received from all parts of the IOJD World. If you send me something for this section, I will try to include it as time and space permit. Now sit back, relax, and pay attention to our Communications!


Welcome to the Web!

When I began my website in February 1996, there were very few IOJD websites.  Now, we have a wide variety of IOJD sites on the Worldwide Web.  Some of them are individual sites created by Daughters and others are Grand Guardian Council sites maintained by an adult.  The Supreme Guardian Council now has its own site and many Grand Lodges and other Masonic Websites have a page or a paragraph devoted to Masonic Youth Organizations.  In addition, many of these sites maintain ‘links’ to other sites and thus the World of Job’s Daughters has gotten bigger and bigger.   I am pleased to have been an IOJD Web Pioneer and I am even more pleased that so many of you have joined me on the Web.  Welcome All!

Would you like help?

At least two or three times a month I receive inquiries regarding the location of IOJD Bethels or how to start a Bethel.  Many of these requests come from Daughters – they are the BEST!  Most of the time, Daughters want new ideas for fun and fund-raising projects and everyone wants promotion ideas.  If I can’t help them, I always find someone else who can. 

Mizpah, Daughters.
Mrs. Mac!



Trademark Protection:
The official emblem for the IOJD is a registered trademark, and we are responsible for protecting its integrity. On a regular basis, Grand Guardian Councils and Bethels Under Supreme receive a copy of the guidelines for using the official trademark. Become familiar with these guidelines and encourage others to respect our official trademark, also. Concerns regarding the trademark should be addressed to the Board of Trustees c/o the International Center for Job's Daughters at 233 W. 6th Street, Papillion, NE 68046.

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The information at this Web site is available for Job's Daughters and other Masonic family members. However, when acknowledging this information, please credit the author. Thank you.

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