My Job's Daughters' Journal

by Tomilynn W. McManus, PHQ
Supreme Guardian 1993-94

Welcome to My Job's Daughters' Journal. This Web site is my personal salute to the International Order of Job's Daughters, an organization for young women between the ages of 11 and 20. I will report on my IOJD experiences and travels, share promotional ideas and activities, and include both history and new happenings about our Order. I welcome input from our members and their adult workers from all parts of our Job's Daughters' world. Please send me e-mail and let me know what you would like "My Job's Daughters' Journal" to offer you. Here we go!

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COMMUNICATIONS, news from the IOJD world!

FRIENDSHIP MILES, my visits in the IOJD world
GOOD OF THE BETHEL, links to Masonic Family home pages
HIKE FUND, our international philanthropic project
HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS, Mrs. Mick; International Headquarters; IOJD flag; first Recorder remembers; Mrs. Mick's original writings
LIBRARIAN'S REPORT, original writings
MEMBERSHIP, facts and figures; brief history
PROMOTION, let's keep in touch; new brochure; bookmark
REPORTS, committees and special notices

ADDENDA,  my promotional and leadership workshops

The information at this Web site is available for Job's Daughters and other Masonic family members. However, when acknowledging this information, please credit the author. Thank you. The dove design was created by Doc Morgan, Inc. from ideas I submitted for my theme as Supreme Guardian in 1993-94.

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Written 2/26/96; Updated 1/03 -sf