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Welcome to Calvin's Booklist!

Here you will find a wide assortment of dog-related books, both fiction and non-fiction, loosely organized by topic. We've read all of them (well almost all) and each has earned a place in our library at home.

Hope you find something you like! If you have a favorite book that isn't listed here, click on the "Contact Us" page and let us know about it. We're always interested in new dog books!

Click on the "Catalog" link at left to get started!

In the interests of "full disclosure", we'd like to point out that we aren't selling these books ourselves. You'll actually be placing your order through, and we earn a few pennies for each item you order through this site. It doesn't cost you a thing, it's just's way of thanking us for helping them make sales, and we feel has the smoothest purchasing interface of any store on the internet. So we feel this is a win-win-win situation: gets the sale, you get the book you want conveniently, and Calvin gets a new dog toy every few months. :)

Calvin sniffing the air for new releases!


Please get in touch to offer comments - just click on the "Contact Us" link!

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