The Tinplate Trackers

O-Gauge Modular System
Internet Edition, November 1998

Originally Written and Published for the Tinplate Trackers by Albert R. Bailey
Revised by Mathew C. Jackson (Tracker #M-320)

This revision of the Tinplate Tracker manual is dedicated to the memory of Albert R. Bailey and Chris Scharfenberg

Al had an appreciation for computers, publishing and technology and would have loved the Internet. When I joined the Trackers in 1989, he took me under his wing and provided me with tips that helped me enjoy modular railroading a lot more.

Chris enjoyed applying technology to toy trains and provided me with information which improved equipment operation and enjoyment.

In the short time I knew Al and Chris, it was clear to me that they would have wanted to see the Tinplate Tracker standard reach as many people as possible. and it is my hope that their wish can be fulfilled.

Having been a member of Tinplate Trackers from 1989 on, I can personally attest to the virtues of modular railroading. It provides more flexibility and reduced costs when compared to construction of a full permanent layout (don't even ask what we've got invested in the Angels Gate Hi-Railers project). It gives you a chance for interaction with others who share the hobby, and it provides opportunities to give public demonstrations that generally aren't practical with a permanent, non-portable, home layout.

The bulk of this text is taken directly from the November 1991 revision I received from Al in early 1992. For purposes of space, I have omitted the meet pictures contained in the original manual and have generally limited the illustrations to the module plans. I have tried to remove references to illustrations not included in this Web version. As this re-publication of the Tinplate Trackers manual is my first attempt, please bear with me. I welcome comments, suggestions, and even additions. Please feel free to email them to me at Also, to find out more about the permanent layout being constructed in San Pedro, check out the Angels Gate Hi-Railers home page.


  • Introduction
  • Simple Standards
  • What's in This Manual?
  • Section One: Module Construction
  • Section Two: Track
  • Section Three" Electrical
  • Section Four: Decoration and Scenery
  • Section Five: Special Modules



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