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Welcome to my little corner of the world. My interests are model railroading, computers, legal issues regarding individual rights, teaching, and sports cars -- particularly  the Porsche 928.. This page is centered around teaching and my hobby of model railroading!

My "secret life" as a college professor:

I currently teach part-time at Mt. San Antonio College ( I have taught microcomputer applications including Microsoft Office Professional, and Microsoft Access database. I've also been a lab instructor. I've found the experience to be personally gratifying and enjoy the work.

I've also been hired to teach a computer course at Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising (

FIDM -- GNST1180 -- Technology for Business Applications:

Course Syllabus (Word Document)

Microsoft Word Unit B






Microsoft Word Unit C









Microsoft Word Unit D








Word Practical Exam

Practice Document (Word Format)

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Photo 2 for Practice Document

PowerPoint 2003 Unit C

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PowerPoint 2003 Unit D

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Model Railroading:


I returned to the hobby about 15 years ago and "returned to my roots" so to speak, by returning to O Gauge 3-rail trains. Technology has improved since my early days with Lionel trains, so trains now feature digital control, on-board sound, enhanced lighting, more detail, and scale proportions. The three-rail track, large couplers and deep wheel flanges are retained for compatibility with legacy equipment, but aside from that, the units are pretty much scale models. I joined the Valley Toy Train Club in 1988 and was an operating member of the Tinplate Trackers -- a group who designed the first three-rail O Gauge modular standard. Although the Valley Club has disbanded, there are still several dozen operators following the Tinplate Tracker module standard (and its progeny -- the Independent Hi-Railers standard) nationwide. I still carry the Tinplate Tracker specifications on the web for reference by other trackers nationwide. Both module standards can be found via the links below:

Tinplate Tracker Standards Manual

Independent Hi-Railers Home Page

In December, 1995, I joined up with six other individuals and we founded Angels Gate Hi-Railers model railroad club in Angels Gate Park (formerly the upper reservation of Fort MacArthur) in San Pedro. Over the past seven years, we've built a large layout (approximately 105 feet by 20 feet) that features command control, several scale miles of track, operating buildings and signals, and several scratch-built structures and scenery. The layout is still under construction, but is fully functional and will support up to six trains running simultaneously. Click here to go to the AGHR home page.

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