Brian Chalmers
Teaser Logo Creator

Hey kids!!Mark has been after me to cough up this information for quite awhile, so finally, here it is. It's true that I designed the Teaser logo back in'77 (or was it '78?) from a series of sketches that the guys voted on. And here we are 20 plus years later and they are still using the 'ole girl! Time for some newt-shirts though don't cha' think? What do ya say Teaser fans?

1998 Buzzard Calendar
To backtrack a bit further than that I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in '75. I've since been busy working steadily in the field of visual communications. My career experience has led me from cartooning to production art, art direction, layout, design, photography and television graphics. I've drawn the Buzzard for WMMS 100.7 FM for well over a decade. Recently I've expanded my work to include computer graphics in television news at WKYC Channel 3.

Tri-C Jazz Fest 1985Unpublished Cleveland Magazine Illustration

Over the years I've worked with Cleveland Magazine,Diana Ross/Belkin Productions Poster Scene Magazine, Cuyahoga Community College, Belkin Productions, Case Western Reserve University, Brand, Gerber and Shick, Cleveland Convention & Visitors Bureau, David Advertising, MIX 106.5, Majic 105.7, KISS 109.4
and Design Room.

Vic Gideon's Channel 3 ReportLast year in '99, I got a call from Dreamworks Pictures (you know Steven Spielberg's company, the guy with the shark, and the little alien, remember "Raiders of the Lost Aardvark" etc.) I gathered and sent them logos and artwork from 1973 for the Cameron Crowe movie "Almost Famous". All of this appears in the film (but you have to look fast and sharp). These include the old WMMS mushroom logo, the classic WMMS slogan "Where Music Means Something", Belkin Productions backstage passes for the band Stillwater at Music Hall, Scene Magazine, and the look of the radio station in San Diego modeled after WMMS' old E. 55th air studios. Quite a rewarding feeling to be part of an effort by Cameron Crowe who strove to capture all the details of that bygone era, and to have done so successfully.Check out , go to "Stillwater", then to "Collectables and Rarities" to see the Belkin Music Hall backstage pass.Frampton-Agora '82

Marriott-Agora '81 I was also able to share the interviews and articles that I conducted while at Scene with Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton with Crowe who also interviewed them early in his career. He wrote the liner notes of "Frampton Comes Alive". I also mailed him photos that I shot of his wife, Heart's Nancy Wilson at Blossom Music Center.
Nancy Wilson-Blossom '87 photo by Mark ChalmersThis was long before the details of the movie was revealed and as it turned out all of these ended up as part of the film's story, music, etc. This was also a nice surprise and a good feeling to be a part of. Crazy!

Buzzard 2000 CalendarMy work with WMMS has allowed me to follow a lot of my interests. I've been able to win 4 National Calendar Association Contest silver awards, one gold and one silver in the World Calendar Awards. The '97 WMMS calendar appeared on the Drew Carey Show.

Over the years my art and photography efforts have included local bands such as Teaser, Stymee, Private Eyes, Odd Girl Out, Big Machine, Shouting Mountain, Tellers, Cowslingers, The Catch, SnakeRock, and Anne E. Dechant.

In addition I've photographed many of the guests and happenings at WMMS. You'll be able to see these in upcoming books by Deanna Adams and Mike Olszewski. In 1988 I traveled to London,England with WMMS' Dia to photograph the Amnesty International "Human Rights Now" Tour press conference and concert featuring Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Peter Gabriel and Tracey Chapman. Some of these photos appeared in Backstreets Magazine.

Chuck Berry, Pete Townshend and I.M.PeiIn 1993 I photographed the groundbreaking ceremony of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. These include shots of the Who's Pete Townshend that he personally has copies of at his home.

Sheryl CrowI've also had a shot of the Dance Hall Crashers in Rolling Stone. But unfortunately they misspelled my name in the photo credit, drat! Guitar For The Practicing Musician has used some of my shots of Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, Peter Frampton , Steve Marriott and Sheryl Crow. Relix Magazine also used one of my Sheryl Crow (performing at Shooter's stage in the Flats) shots. Many other photos have appeared in various radio industry trade publications like R&R, FMQB, Billboard and Album Network.

Steve Marriot-Tour Photo '85Other photos I've shot have appeared in various places. A 1977 photo of Gentle Giant from a Cleveland Agora show was featured on the cover of their King Bisquit Flower Hour Concert Series CD. In 1985 the late Steve Marriott from Humble Pie and the Small Faces used one of my Agora shots of him for his promotional 8"x 10". That same year I designed his tour poster that was used in America and in England. Recently another Marriott/Agora photo of mine popped up in the booklet to the English import CD "Steve Marriott's All Stars, Clear Through the Night." Unfortunately none of the photographers, including world famous Neal Preston, were given credit on this project, drat again!! But exposure (that's a pun son!) is exposure and at least my photo can be enjoyed by Marriott fans worldwide now.

If you want to see a cute photo of my friend Michelle's daughter Callen Ji check out Type in Brian D. Chalmers in the photographers search and "wha la"...Callen Ji in all her birthday glory!

In the past I've described my career and creative efforts as having "a strong personal and professional commitment to my work. I continue my efforts to extend and strengthen my graphic capabilities". Basically in a nutshell, it's your typical epic story of a man struggling to keep his art (and his house plants) alive!

Thanks for letting me share "my back pages". It's been fun, it's been wacky and it's never been boring! For more "Show n Tell" kiddies check out BC's World. Special thanks to Eric Bruggemeier,NR Class of '74.
I can be reached at for your comments, questions etc. Or maybe you need to have some photos shot or a logo designed that may end up lasting you for the next 20 years or so, hey you never can tell.