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Up The Crick Radio Club


We are an Amateur Radio Club in Eugene, Oregon.

We meet “On The Air” every Thrusday evening,

at 19:30 (local time), on 28.450 (+/- QRM)

Our next meeting is going to be Thrusday, December 18, 2014.

We are a 10-10 chapter.

The 10-10 Mission Statement.

10-10 offers the 10-meter enthusiast the opportunity to share in a wide variety of activities internationally, not the least of which
is meeting new and old friends. By keeping the band active through participation in 10-10 nets, QSO parties, and certificate collection,
10-10 offers both satisfaction andchallenges, while promoting learning and courteous operating practices.The combination of on-the-air
activities, awards, a bi-annual convention, and the 10-10 News creates an unusually strong bond among 10-10 members.


Solar Activity Monitor

Our Favorite Places To Visit

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