The Photo Album of Behars, Bejars,
Vejars, Bejaranos, etc.
around the world


Part 1
(pre-Summit 2004 collection)

Back in May 2004 Craig Behar from Arizona, U.S.A. tossed the idea,
and this Photo Album with all its sub-Albums became a reality ...
 with the efforts and artistic input of Mario Behar from New York, NY

----   Craig's parents Sol & Elayne Behar - ARIZONA  ----
Craig himself (and more of this family's photos)
Iako Behar
---  Iako Behar  ---
(Organizer of the Summit)
and his family -
the generations before
and those after ...

----   The seated elders: Nissim & Luna Behar. Between them: Michel Nissim Behar   ----
(Grandparents & father of our contemporary Marcel Nissim Behar from Michigan)

----   Leon & Marta Behar from South Africa   ----
(at the Kotel in Jerusalem)

Ezra Bejar, San Diego, CA
---  Ezra Bejar ---
(San Diego, CA)
his greatgrandfather
to the right, and
some more family photos
Ezra Behar with Albert Einstein in Cuba in circa 1936
---   Meeting between Rabbi Ezra Behar & Dr. Albert Einstein   ---
on the Red Star Line "Belgenland"ship while docked on December 19, 1930 in
Havana Bay, Cuba, on its way to San Diego, California, through the Panama Canal.
From left to right: Havana's dentist Carlos ...; Elsa Einstein; Dr. Abrahmson -
President of the Cuban Zionist Community; Dr. Albert Einstein;
Abraham Camioner; and Rabbi Ezra Behar ...
(the photo: courtesy of Rabbi's greatgrandson Dr. Ezra Bejar from
San Diego, CA with this additional clarification: Professor Einstein and his companions (incl. Walter Mayer - a mathematician from Graz, Austria) had taken
the "Belgenland" in the Belgian port of Antwerp on December 2, 1930, to travel
through the Panama Canal to the port of San Diego, California and from there
by road to the neighboring city of Pasadena, where they arrived around New Year
1931, invited by the director of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Robert Millikan, himself a Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1923, in consideration
of his important experimental determinations, one of which allowed to fully confirm
the formula of the photoelectric effect obtained by Einstein in 1905 with which
the latter won in 1921 The Nobel Prize in Physics)
(see three more photos provided by Alejandro Behar - another
descendant of Rabbi Ezra Behar)

Yakov Behar
----   Yakov Behar from Istanbul, Turkey   ----
photo: courtesy of Reuben & Yehuda Bachar from Israel -
grandsons of Yehuda Behar (Yakov's brother)
Moris & Yehuda - brothers of Yakov Behar
---  Moris & Yehuda Beharbrothers of Yakov  ---
(top: with wives, bottom: at younger age)
photo: same source as the one on the left

Shemuel Behar from Plovdiv, Bulgaria
---  Shemuel Behar  ---
(from Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
performer - bariton
Mario Fernando Behar de Guatemala
---  Mario Fernando Behar from Guatemala  ---
... (and two more pictures of his ancestors)

----   The Behar Rodriguez family from Chile, year 2003   ----
Standing behind: Gerardo Behar & Priscilla Ergas; León Behar & Marina Fernández;
Alberto Behar & Angelica Riffo ... The seated elders: Marcel Behar Rodriguez & Julia Mizraji,
with small Gabriel Behar E. in her lap and Marcel Behar R. leaning on grandma ...
Children on the floor: Marcel Behar E.; Marcel Behar F. (slightly behind and leaning on grandpa);
David Behar E.; Manolita Behar F.; Diamante Behar F.; and Leon Behar R. ...
... (and another two pictures of this family)

Mary (Meriam) Idel Behar & Yehida Ilel
---  Mary (Miriam) Idel Behar with husband Yehuda Idel  ---
(in their home in Los Angeles, Calif.)
... and more historical & contemporary photos of their extended family

Robert I. Behar - Camas, WA
--  Robert I. Behar (Camas, WA)  --
author of a non-scholarly but
very nice material in search of the
"Roots of Behar" in the City of
Béjar and pre-Inquisition Spain
(some family photos)
Esther Behar - Beersheva, Israel
----  Esther Behar  ----
(Beer Sheva, Israel, year 2003)

Moiz Behar (Toronto) & family
---  Moiz Behar (from Toronto) with wife & parents (photo taken sometime before 1996)  ---
Left to right: wife Beverly; Moiz himself; mother Eliza; and father Eli ...
... and a few more photos of their family

Karen & Yakov Behar from Canada
---  Karen & Yakov Behar from Calgary, Alberta, Canada ...  (during a trip to Spain in June 2004)  ---
  Also, some other photos of the same trip and of their sons ...

Henry Behar with Duke of Bejar's Coat of Arms
-- Henry Behar from New York, NY --
(during his trip to Béjar, Spain, Sept 2003)

One theory is that the name Béjar originates from the Spanish word
(bee) upon which the city's economy was long time based ...
So, pay attention to Duke of Bejar's Coat of Arms in this photo.
  More photos from this trip and of Henry's grandmother ...
Lottie Behar - Israel
-- Lottie Behar Pakler, Israel --
(on her 80th birthday)

Dorothy Behar's family
---  The family of Dorothy Behar from Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. & from Spain  ---
Left to right: son Daniel Sanchez-Behar; Fernando Sanchez
-Barroso; daughter's husband
Marco Milone; daughter Laura Milone Behar; Dorothy Behar herself; son Alex Sanchez-Behar ...

  For more photos of Dorothy & family click here ...

Elyo Bahar & wife Mary - Israel
--  Elyo Bahar & wife Mary (Israel)  --
during the wedding of one of their daughters in 1997
Their daughters are here ...
Cesar Bejarano - Brazil
--  César Bejarano (Curitiba, Brazil)  --
brother of Carmen Bejarano,
who is residing both in U.S.A & Spain

Up to this point the viewer can appreciate the photos collected before the 2004 First World Summit
Behars, Bejars, Vejars, Bejaranos, etc. in Béjar, Spain took place. The increased number of
photos later lead to difficulties in loading the photo album page when accessed.
For this
reason only on February 27, 2008 the album has been divided in two separate parts:
Part 1 (pre-Summit 2004 collection) and Part 2 (post-Summit 2004 collection)

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