June 3, 1996

June 3, 1996, Morning. Still no bears or marmots thank goodness. I am sore from yesterday but optimistic that the worst is behind me. I am looking forward to doing 15 or so miles today. This is the kind of back country I am used to hauling ass through. I wish I had more of an appetite as the pack is till so heavy. There is a ranger station a few miles ahead. I will see him for weather / trail conditions. I believe I am the only hiker between he and Mt. Whitney Trail.

June 3, 1996, Afternoon. No Ranger. Had lunch here just in case he / she shows up. This would have made a great overnight spot. I just had a cup of mashed potato mix and I made some pan bread but I don't think I can finish it. I'll take it with me and munch along the way. I am making slow progress, partly because I am sore and partly because it is such beautiful country; it is difficult to rush through it.

June 3, 1996, Evening. 5.2 miles today. I found a food storage container* by a meadow with a nice fire place all set up. I decided to try my hand at making a fire. In the absence of newspaper I am generally pretty bad at this but I did okay. Three boys from the San Francisco area passed through. They made dinner by my camp. They are on break from school and going from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. They were an inspiration in how quickly they set up, packed up and barreled trough the woods without worry of where the actual trail was beneath the snow. Perhaps this will be me in a week or so.

*Food storage containers, or bear boxes, are used to keep a hiker's food from the bears.
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