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Spring/Summer/Fall 2012

Nine for the Devil

"Words cannot describe the creeping fear which seeps through... this excellent story, drawing the reader into the stranglehold of life in the 6th Century of the Byzantine Empire."
--Diana Hockley
Read the whole review at Kings River Life.

"The authors once again make the Byzantine Empire vibrant and nuanced."
--Library Journal, 3/1/2012

"More complex and colorful than any Byzantine mosaic, Nine for the Devil, will sweep you back into the cruel intrigue-ridden court of the Emperor Justinian, where treachery and murder linger behind every shadowed column of the imperial palace in Constantinople."
—Robin Burcell, award-winning author of The Bone Chamber

"Twisty plotting, fabulous dialogue, and aristocratic backstabbing drew me into this clever plot (Who killed an Empress who showed no signs of being murdered?) and I could not stop reading until I watched master problem-solver John dance his way out of the deadly wrath of his grieving emperor."
--Jerrilyn Farmer, bestselling author of the Madeline Bean mysteries

"The first John the Lord Chamberlain mystery I have read and I am now truly a fan! Can't wait to see John again. This husband and wife team of authors took me back in time accurately and in an intoxicating manner."
--Anne Tarski at NetGalley, 2/22/2012

"This book was AWESOME!! ... There was phenomenal character development and the book oozed that it was intelligently written. This is def. a series I will go back and start from the first book and stalk for continued new releases!!!"
--Noami Blackburn at Goodreads.com

"An absolute page-turner, and one that is easily read without having started with other books in the series."
--Amy Sikes at ReadertoReader.com

"The unusual premise instills the narrative with a disturbing tension...Nine for the Devil is a good example of how to set a mystery within a real-life scenario...a denouement that's both satisfying and historically plausible."
--Sarah Johnson
Read the whole review at Reading the Past.

January 2012

Nine for the Devil

"In Reed and Mayer’s superior ninth mystery set in sixth-century Constantinople...the puzzle is challenging enough to keep readers searching for clues, but the triumph of the authors lies in their spot-on recreation of the political and bureaucratic climate of the times."
-- Publisher's Weekly, 1/9/2012
Read the whole review

"...a great entry that combines a strong whodunit with a puissant look at the period mostly inside the place but somewhat also through the heroes’ friends and family outside too."
--Harriet Klausner
Read the whole review at Genre Go Round Reviews

November 2011

Nine for the Devil

"...far more complex than a whodunit...A dark chilling look at a delicate balance of politics...and the search for a killer that may not exist!"
--Alan Bishop.
Read the whole review at Criminal History

February 2010

Eight For Eternity

"Subtle, well-drawn characters, from the ascetic John to the capricious and enigmatic Justinian; deft descriptive detail revealing life in the late Roman Empire; and sharp dialogue make this another winner in this outstanding historical series." -- Publisher's Weekly, 2/8/2010
Read the whole review.

Library Journal --Historicals have a proven track record of presenting unforgettable protagonists like John the Lord Chamberlain. His military background gives him that unflappable air, and his high intellect provides him with the means to solve whatever Justinian needs. For readers who can't wait for the next Laura Joh Rowland or P.C. Doherty mystery. -- Library Journal
Read the whole review.

Booklist -- Reed and Mayer bring the time of the Nika Riots in Constantinople to vivid life in this eighth installment in their series, capturing the burning city, the mob mentality, the panic in the castle as the rioters come ever closer, and the effort to convince Justinian to use whatever methods are necessary to keep his throne. A must for followers of the series. -- Booklist

"Interesting characters, a colorful setting and non-stop action offered up in lucid, eminently readable prose...if you aren’t thoroughly engaged by the end of [the] opening scene, you probably need to be checked for a pulse. -- Kim Malo
Read the whole review at MyShelf.Com.

"...a great ancient historical mystery series...The current entry is a strong period piece that highlights the riots of 532 AD and the rivalry to snatch the throne from Justinian. John's inquiry provides fans a deep look at Constantinople in the sixth century wrapped inside a strong investigation.-- Harriet Klausner
Read the whole review

May 2008

Seven For A Secret

"The city and its citizens are well drawn and provide a good backdrop to John's investigation...Seven for a Secret should satisfy not only fans of historical mysteries but also those seeking an interesting story in an unusual setting." --Betty of The Betz Review
Read the whole review at Mysterious Reviews.

"...I felt as though I was there. By the end I knew the place. The city itself is a character and as much a suspect as everyone else. I understood the constant struggle to survive but also the search for meaning and a spiritual base so many of these characters, and indeed the city itself, longed for."--Devorah Stone
Read the whole review at I Love A Mystery.

"...full of color and vivid descriptions of the various features and inner workings of what was the capital of the Byzantine Empire"--Eugene Aubrey Stratton
Read the whole review at reviewingtheevidence.com.

April 2008

Seven For A Secret
"...from brothels to copper markets to public baths and poetry readings, each rife with all the gossip, rumor, deceit and lewdness you'd expect from one of the Lord Chamberlain's cases." -- Kirkus Reviews (4/1/2008)

"..as many twists and turns as the mean streets of Byzantium." -- Rachel A Hyde
Read the