We were both writing personal essays long before we turned to fiction. Our first website naturally featured some essays we had written for newspapers, magazines, and fanzines. For more than a decade we have been doing essays for our newsletter, The Orphan Scrivener. Here we attempt to link to the various essays that have piled up in our cyberspace attic over the years.


Essays About Writing

Behind the Scenes
It's Not the Money
The Writing Life
Surviving to Write
Deadly Ink
Favorite Childhood Books

Mary's Essays

Attic: Recalling Newcastle
At the Beach
Jean-Paul Cat
Orphan Scrivener Essays

Eric's Essays

A Bullet Finds Its Mark 
Day the Cows Got Out
The Baseball Player
Face to Face
Squirrels I Have Known
It Wasn't the Cat Rachel the Cat
Fanzine Essays
Orphan Scrivener Essays


A Literary Ragbag

A pdf chapbook featuring some of our favorite essays. This was a freebie at Poisoned Pen's first WebCon. Now that the site is offline we've moved the ragbag HERE


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