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"...blends excellent historical setting with a fast-paced, very different plot."
From the Midwest Book Review.
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"John the Eunuch is one of the most entertaining of the historical mystery series being written today."
--Rob Preece
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"The authors never seem content simply to present a dilemma and then give us a resolution. They weave and interweave their plot, sub-plots and counter-plots. They ensure that we are subtly, yet consistently immersed in the times. Occasionally humorous, sometimes metaphysical but never boring, the Reed/Mayer books are a must read for those interested in historical mysteries and particularly with the history of this era."
--Ilysa Magnus
From Historical Novels Review, published by the Historical Novel Society.

"Reed and Mayer have created a fascinating series that gives us insight into both a time period and a lifestyle that most of us know nothing about. John is a witty detective who has the ability to move seamlessly between the levels of society that rule the lives of all in this time and, lacking all of the modern aides to detection that we take for granted, has to use all the deductive talents he can muster to find a killer against almost impossible odds. This series is a delight for anyone who enjoys both history and a hero who has to use only his own skills to solve the mystery."
--Kathy Thomason
Owner of the Booksnthyme Bookstore and reviewer for The Amplifer (Kentucky) and the Murder and Mayhem list.

"If you can find all the books in the series, do so. If not, don't wait. Start with FIVE FOR SILVER -- you can always go back and read the first four. And you will want to."
--Barbara Franchi
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"The authors do a wonderful job of drawing the reader into a setting that is both alien and yet chillingly too possible for modern times and the threat of bio-terrorism. "
--Bob Spear
From Heartland Reviews.

"...a delight for fans of historical mysteries. Written with bone-dry wit and unexpected humor, "Five for Silver" is sure-fire entertainment."
--Mark Terry
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"The historical-mystery series that stand the test of time are those that put story first and research second. This is one of those series."
-- David Pitt, in Booklist.
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A ..."sterling historical page-turner." STARRED REVIEW
--Publishers Weekly
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"Five For Silver transmutes through authorial alchemy to gold. Another rattling good read. "
--Barry Baldwin

"Every historical that Mary Reed and Eric Mayer write is better than the one before as impossible as that sounds."
--Harriet Klausner
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"The secretive and melancholy John remains as tantalizingly elusive as ever, while his friends and colleagues bring humor and color to this plague-infested and tangled tale.... An enjoyable, hard to guess and historically evocative treat."
--Rachel A. Hyde
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