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Home Sweet Home - The "Berkshire Hills"
Western Massachusetts, USA
Professor Raymond F. Tennant, Ph.D.
Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
Professor of Mathematics
PO Box 38044, Reem Island
Abu Dhabi, UAE




  • Geometry of Islamic Ornamentation and Architecture
  • Medieval construction methods for non-periodic tilings
  • Category Theory Methods in Group Theory and Topology
  • Mathematical Symmetry and Visual Mathematics
  • Ethnomathematics and Cultural/Historical Connections
  • Technology, Models, and Simulations for Teaching Mathematics

Higher Education

  • Learning Outcomes Based Academic Models
  • Program Accreditation and Curriculum Development
  • Institutional Governance and Strategic Planning


Gulf News (UAE) - October 14, 2012

The Ones Who Did Not Run in the Wake of September 11, The National

The National (UAE) - September 5, 2011

The 13th Annual
UAE Math Day 2015
Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
Saturday, March 14, 2015

Abstract submission deadline, Feb 1, 2015

Notification of acceptance, Feb 15, 2015

Deadline for Registration, Feb 15, 2015


BRIDGES Finland 2015
Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Education, Culture
University of Jyväskylä
Jyväskylä, Finland

August 9 - 13, 2016

Paper Submission Deadlines:
Regular Papers: February 1, 2016
Workshop Papers: March 1, 2016
Short Papers: March 15, 2016
Acceptance Notifications: March 30, 2016
Final Submissions: April 30, 2016

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Selected Publications

(2014) Dissection Methods for Aperiodic Tilings

(2011) Efficient Approach to Curricula Development in Newly Established Private Universities

(2010) Dyscalculia: More Than a Mathematics Phobia

(2009) Medieval Islamic Architecture, Quasicrystals, and Penrose and Girih Tiles

(2006) Visualizing Mathematics: Imagery Techniques for Learning Abstract Concepts

(2005) Subgroup Lattices for Crystallographic Groups

(2004) Islamic Tilings of the Alhambra Palace: Teaching the Beauty of Mathematics

(2004) Islamic Tilings of the Alhambra Palace: Teaching the Beauty of Mathematics (Arabic Version)

(2003) Islamic Constructions: The Geometry Needed by Craftsmen

(2003) Using History in the Mathematics Classroom: Pythagoras, Quadratics and More

(2003) Using History in the Mathematics Classroom: Pythagoras, Quadratics and More (Arabic Version)

(2002) Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies in the World of Humniastic Mathematics

(2001) Abstract Construction Projects and the Imagination

(2000) Polyhedral Models in Group Theory and Graph Theory

(1997) Classifying Free Bieberbach Groups

(1997) Mathematical Symmetry: A Mathematics Course of the Imagination

(1995) Tessellations with Hyperbolic Squares

(1992) The Swap Conjecture

(1992) Constructing Tessellations and Creating Hyperbolic Art



Symmetry in Islamic Art

PUBLISHED 2009 - volume 19, numbers 2-3


Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

ALHOSN University

American Mathematical Society

European Mathematical Society

Mathematical Association of America

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

ISIS - Symmetry

Annual Bridges Conferences