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Cash Offers
The Cash Offers section is the most important page on Treasure Trooper. This is where you will be doing most of you money making. This section shows hundreds of offers that you can choose to complete. Each offer has a payout between $0.50 and $160.

Cash Offers Layout: Before you start earning cash on Treasure Trooper you need to know the layout of the Cash Offers section. Most of the parts are self explanatory, but it is a good idea to skim this section so you are not completely lost.
  1. Offer link: Shows the name of the offer and provides access to the offer. Clicking on it opens the offer in a new window.
  2. Offer Descriptions: A brief summary of the offers’ instructions. This is a good way to select the easiest and fastest offers.
  3. Offer Payout: Value of each offer. Coins are also paid in each offer that can be used in the treasure hut.
  4. “Done” Button: Once you have finished an offer clicking on the done button marks the offer as complete, removing it from the cash offers section. This also gives you access to the Pearl Mini Game.
  5. Pending offers: Takes you to the pending offer page. Completed offers stay here until there verified. This can take from 30 minutes to a few days depending on the offer. Offers on this page can be redone as many times as you want. A completed offer will not show up in your earnings until it is verified. You can also access the pearl game through this page.
  6. Complete offers: Takes you to the complete offers page. Once an offer is verified it is sent to this page. You will get paid for every offer that is sent to this page. You will also receive a pearl if you won it in the Pearl Mini Game.
My Treasure
This is where you check your earnings. The money you make and the treasure you earn are recorded on this page.

My Earnings
You earn cash from three different sources and they are recorded on this page.
  • Offer Earnings: The money you earn from completing offers and surveys.
  • Shopping Earnings: The money you save from buying products in the Cash Shopping section.
  • Referral Earnings: The money you make through referrals.

My Earnings Layout: Your earning information is located in this section.
  1. Total Amount Due: The total amount Treasure Trooper owes you for the month. Once this total is over $20 Treasure Trooper pays you between the 15th and 20th of each month.
  2. Total Paid to Date: Total amount you have been paid by Treasure Trooper.
  3. Pending/Approved Offers Links: Takes you to the Approved and Pending Offers pages, described above.
  4. Referrals: Shows how many referrals you have. For more information of on referrals check the referrals section.
  5. Treasure Trooper Referral Link: Obtain referrals by signing up friends through this link address. Copy the link, then give it to the people you want to join Treasure Trooper.
My Treasure Chest
All of the treasure prizes you earn on Treasure Trooper are recorded here. A description of each of these items is given below:

Coins: Used in the Trading Hut to buy items.
Platinum Coins: Collect these special coins from the Cash Offer section and use them to buy great prizes from the Trading Hut ($50 Visa Gift Card, Ipod Nano, Xbox 360). You will also receive a platinum coin for every $5 you earn in the Cash Shopping section.
Pearls: Collect 8 and buy a friendship bracelet from the Trading Hut worth 2 free referrals.
Gems: The use of gems has not been currently established, but you can collect all 5 of them for future prizes. The way to unlock each gem is below:
Sapphire = $40 dollars in earnings, Emerald = 3 referrals, Diamond = Hidden in one of the offers, Ruby = 15 coins at the Trading Hut, Amethyst = Received from discounts in the cash shopping section
Treasure Map: Once you buy all of the Treasure Fragments from the Trading Hut, use this map to access the monthly $100 treasure game. You also need a Treasure Ticket to participate, which is also sold in the hut.

Cash Shopping
This is a great place to do Internet shopping. Most of the venders here are big name companies and all offer discounted prices. Radio Shack, 1-800 Flowers, Circuit City, and Macys are just few of the many big name stores on this page.

Trading Hut
This section gives a detailed description of all the items you can buy in the Trading Hut. You can spend coins and pearls on this page.

Treasure Hunt Ticket (3 coins): You need this ticket to participate in the monthly $100 treasure hunt. This is a one-time use only.
Treasure Map Fragment (10 coins): Collecting all 4 pieces will provide you the map needed for the $100 Treasure Hunt. This treasure map can be used multiple times.
Ruby (15 coins): In the future it may be used to earn cash prizes.
Pearl Friendship Bracelet (8 pearls): Buying a friendship bracelet automatically gives you 2 referrals.

Mabutu’s Secret (15 coins): This is free Treasure Trooper secret to earning money. It may of may not be helpful.
Mouse Pad (25 coins): There are two mouse pads to choose from. They are sent to your address.
Bumper Sticker (20 coins): If spotted with this bumper sticker on your car you will automatically win $500 dollars. Make sure you submit your license plate and account number to the forum on the “Win $500” link.
Trooper’s Journal Page (10 coins): This item will be available for purchase in the future.

$20 Amazon Gift Certificate (20 platinum coins): Purchase to receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate.
$50 Visa Gift Card (50 platinum coins): Purchase to receive a $50 Visa gift card.
Ipod Nano (150 platinum coins): Purchase to receive an Ipod Nano.
Xbox 360 (300 platinum coins): Purchase to receive a Xbox 360.

Cash Surveys
This page is the newest addition to Treasure Trooper. After you finish a short questionnaire you have access to this section. You can join many pay survey sites from this page, though Treasure Trooper pays you a bonus to join many of these in the Cash Offers section.

There is also a daily survey on this page that pays you $0.75 cents per survey and gives you a chance to win $50,000. Before each survey you need to fill out a brief pre-survey questionnaire. Pre-questionnaires are short and do not take much time to go through. When attempting the daily survey you may be told that you do not qualify for a survey. If this happens just click ahead and try again. If you don’t qualify for the first one you will usually qualify for the next survey. Once you see the “thank you for participating screen” you have completed the daily survey and can close the window. As a bonus, when you complete around 10 surveys you receive the topaz gemstone.

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