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I've never done a Get Paid site before and was pretty skeptical. But because it was free and there were hundreds of offers to complete that didn't cost me anything but some information, I figured I'd give it a shot. Well it sure worked out as easy as they said it would because after just spending a few hours completing offers I already have gotten $122 approved. Thanks TT!

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Well, I just got my first payment. Didn't really surprise me because I could tell this site was the real deal. I can also tell that it is going to be around for awhile because it isn't trying to pay out money it doesn't have. The thing I love the most about this site is that you are not only winning money... you receive "treasure" for everything you complete and can trade the treasure for other stuff. It's a video game!

- Jeff

TreasureTrooper gets 2 thumbs up! I just got my TreasureTrooper in the mail today and its AWESOME! The really awesome part is that I also got $100 on the 15th of this month. I didnít even have to do much more than sign up for a couple of programs. It probably took me less than an hour in total. Maybe it took more because time seems to fly when Iím on this site. With all the free mini-games and stuff, you guys have a great concept here and I know we can expect great things from you in the future. Not to say there arenít great things now. Cuz there are! Ok, Iíll shut up.

- Allen

Great site you guys. I ran your banner on my website and quickly got some referrals which have made me some really good money. 20% commission is nearly unheard of in this industry, yet you guys offer it. Also, the 5% second level commission is a nice treat as well. I havenít done any offers yet because my referrals are earning enough money for me. When you paid me on the 15th I decided that this is one program Iíll be promoting for a long time. Good luck with your program and donít hesitate to contact me if thereís anything I can be doing to promote this site better.

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Fast and Easy Money

Nothing on the web compares to Treasure trooper in terms of simplicity. All you need to setup an account is an email and home address and you are on your way to earn the easiest cash youíll ever make. Checks are sent in the mail every month between the 15th and 20th so there little wait between each hefty check you receive.

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Fun and Exciting Ways to Make Cash

Treasure trooper is a pay and play site with a great jungle theme. Play the Pearl Mini Game to win great treasures! As an added bonus, collecting a 8 pearls will earn you 2 referrals. This means your getting 20% of two other peopleís earnings! In the mood for adventure? Test your skills each month with Treasure Troopersí Treasure Hunt Game and win an extra hundred dollar bonus!!!

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Totally Free, No Obligations, No Credit Card Required

The site is totally FREE!!!! NO startup fees, NO taxes and NO maintenance fees! You donít even need a credit card! This means the cash you make is 100% yours and you can quit whenever you want since there are no financial obligations. Treasure trooper is giving away tons of 100% free cash! What more could you ask for? Becoming member also automatically entitles you to discounts to tons of popular internet websites such as Best and Barnes and without even doing anything! You get additional rewards for using these discounts.

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100% Legitimate, You're the Boss, All You Need is an Internet Conection

Treasure Trooper is not a gimmick or scam. Not only can you reap these awesome befits, you will earn cash worry free beause the money is 100% legal. Unlike all of the scams on the internet, no one is trying to get you to do their dirty work. And because treasure trooper is not a commission based website, you are your own boss. The money you get is yours to keep - no one is going to take it away from you. So what are the requirements to participate in this awesome site? Almost nothing!! All you need is an internet connection and a address. Thatís all you need to make your fortune. You donít need previous internet experience, you donít even need to be 18! This site is for everyone!

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20% Payment on Referrals

Even as you make tons of cash from all the exciting stuff on Treasure Trooper, you can make much more on top of that through their referral system. More money can be made every time you spread the word to other people. When you refer others you automatically get 20% of EVERYTHING they earn. So when you sign up 5 people and show them how you earned tons of cash through Treasure Trooper, you double the money you make! No other place offers anything that good. Itís easy to find people who want FREE money like yourself. I guarantee this site will increase in popularity and everyone will know about! Treasure Trooper is one of the fastest growing websites on the net. Get on the bandwagon and start earning cash before anyone else! Then you will be the one to start the craze, and with a 20% referral rate, you will be the one to reap the benefits.

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